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The Data Rescue Center Offers Complimentary Evaluations and $500 Discount

To victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.12

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The Data Rescue Center offers
complimentary evaluations and a $500 discount towards data recovery services
for victims of the recent Oklahoma tornados.


The Data Rescue Center is a recovery service based in Northern California. In an effort to help the victims rebuild and recover from the recent tornados
in Oklahoma and Kansas, it is providing them a
complimentary evaluation and $500 towards their data recovery charges.

The company will ship them its Red Box Kit at no charge, which includes a postage paid
box and custom packaging to ship an external or internal HDD back to its

"Our condolences go out to the
victims of these powerful and devastating storms. As people discover that
their computers were damaged in the storm, we want them to be aware that in
many cases we are able to help them recover files from those HDDs,
said Brian Crosby, recovery engineer, The Data Rescue Center.

The firm advises customers to follow
precautionary steps to preserve data:

  • Do not attempt to use your computer or external HDD.
  • Power down the computer or disconnect the external HDD.
  • Handle the drive carefully and do not attempt to open the drive.