X-IO NAS Solution With Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012

Balances price, performance and reliability.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.11

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X-IO Technologies announced its File Storage Controller (FSC) 2200 at Microsoft TechEd North America 2013, taking place June 3-6 in New Orleans, LA.


The new solution allows organizations to take advantage of X-IO's 'zero touch,' seven-year duty cycle advantage but in a NAS environment.

FSC 2200 is a certified cluster-in-a-box appliance that brings together Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 and the X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) family of enterprise disk and hybrid storage products. It delivers an enterprise appliance that can serve a file-based shared storage solution with a cost-effective, reliable, performance storage service for critical applications.

Powered by ISE, the FSC 2200 covers the core enterprise application performance range: 400 to 8,000 IOPS for every 1TB of provisioned storage and therefore covers the performance range of performance-sensitive data files, associated with desktop and server virtualization, as OLTP applications, data warehousing and business intelligence environments, and most big data environments running on Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

"Now with the added capability of FSC 2200, we are delivering game-changing NAS products that matches or exceeds the best file sharing performance available from today’s NAS products - at a fraction of the cost," said Blair Parkhill, VP marketing, X-IO.

FSC 2200 is capable of delivering up to 10x the performance of legacy storage systems at full capacity, in a 5U form-factor - reducing power, cooling and floor space. Furthermore, it does not require the performance and capacity trade-off that is common in legacy NAS solutions or expensive SSD-based NAS solutions.

Windows Storage Server 2012 has opened up client-side performance to all new levels with support of SMBv3, NFSv4.1 and iSCSI protocols.

X-IO has redefined enterprise storage through the ISE that optimizes price/performance, operational efficiency, scalability and reliability. Each X-IO ISE unit is a self-contained storage building block that is designed to accelerate transactional, reporting and business intelligence applications by a factor of 3X or more. They are designed to scale so that no matter how many ISE units are added to increase capacity, storage performance is maintained. ISE units contribute to its customers' environmental credentials thanks to their low energy consumption and low HVAC loads.