Whiptail Designs Entry-Level Flash Array for SMBs

1U, 4TB, 100,000 IO/s
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.10

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Whiptail Technologies, Inc. announced the WT-1100, the newest addition to the company's portfolio of flash-based silicon arrays.

Designed for SMBs or companies with branch offices, this addition gives customers the highest levels of choice and flexibility to scale up or scale out their application-intensive environments.
WT-1100 Enables Faster Turnkey Solutions
for SMBs and Branch Offices

This low-profile, high-performance 1U solid state storage array features an installation wizard that speeds deployments, making it for turnkey implementations focused on VDI, email and databases. The WT-1100 runs Whiptail's RACERUNNER OS, which optimizes the write performance of NAND flash. The product will be sold through CDW alongside other Whiptail products like ACCELA and INVICTA.

The array will begin shipping in Q3 2013.
"Our partners' success depends on their ability to deliver high performance solutions that consistently perform well over time," said Dan Crain, CEO of Whiptail. "By creating the WT-1100 we are helping our partners solve big problems for small businesses with the same quality and performance once reserved for large enterprises."
Expansion Gives Flexibility
and Choice in Deployment Options

As an entry-level complement to Whiptail's arsenal of flash-based storage solutions, the WT-1100 features up to 4TB of SanDisk Corp.'s SSD capacity, 100,000 IO/s, and <0.1ms latency in a 1U chassis. The configuration wizard simplifies installation while RACERUNNER provides optimized performance and endurance of flash.
"Organizations of all sizes need affordable access to flash storage technology to accelerate server and storage performance," said Steve Fingerhut, VP marketing, SanDisk enterprise division. "The SanDisk Enterprise SSDs deployed in the WT-1100 offer high predictable performance, trusted reliability and superior value. SanDisk enables the WT-1100 to pack enterprise technology into a cost-effective price point, which SMBs and remote offices can fully utilize to drive their businesses."
ACCELA is a 2U energy efficient NAND flash silicon storage array providing up to 12TB capacity while delivering 250,000 IO/s and 2GB/s throughput, which improves application response time. It supports many workloads including databases, VDIs, web, email, analytics and online transactions.
Announced back in November 2012, INFINITY is an expansion to WHIPTAIL's flagship INVICTA Modular Storage Array that will scale the six-node 72TB INVICTA array up to 30 nodes and up to 360TB of all flash storage. A populated 30 node, 360TB INFINITY will exceed 4 million IO/s and 40Gb/s throughput in real world use. INFINITY will be available to enterprise customers in July.
With INFINITY, enterprise customers can scale performance and capacity as needed, by adding another 12TB module. This allows for the consolidation of high performance, high demanding applications without compromise onto a single platform.