StoneFly Delivers Scale Out 16/80G Unified NAS+iSCSI+16Gb FC RAID

24 storage processors and dual active-active controller
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.10

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StoneFly, Inc. announced an unified 16G FC storage array solutions as part of its 10/40/80G unified storage.

Built upon the Stonefly unified iSCSI and NAS platform, these new models offer SMEs and enterprises looking to optimize and consolidate their storage infrastructure a range of options. StoneFly is offering the dual 16G FC interconnect and 1/10/40/80G iSCSI+NAS solution at affordable price.

With the spike in the demand for higher throughput and bandwidth, the complexity of technology that powers high-volume servers, datacenters, and cloud services also increases. The introduction of Unified USO16 that is a natural evolution of unified scale out FC, NAS and iSCSI and is based on a modular scale out design is expected to deliver 2-8 times the performance of 8GB FC.

Combined with 24 cores storage processors and dual active-active RAID controller at each node with option of second level snapshot, it delivers max IO/s from SATA, SAS, SSD-driven applications, and services. Furthermore, the USO16 modular purposed design avoids any future forklift upgrade and brings the OPEX down to an affordable level.

John Harris, senior director of product planning, StoneFly, states: "Enterprises and SMEs are always looking for different ways to optimize their operation with emphasis on lower CAPEX and OPEX. USO16 that meets the constant demand for unified, modular, and high performance storage systems is the is ideal solution and upgrading to it represents a giant leaps for fibre infrastructure investors. StoneFly is proud to release the world's first unified scale out 16G Fibre/10/40/80G iSCSI and NAS storage solutions that have the power, speed, and proven efficiencies of the 64 bit multicore platform to deliver the performance that companies need at an industry-leading price point."

The models are available from commercial distributors and resellers in the US.