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Recovery Software Updates RS File Recovery ($140 for Office Edition)

Adding pre-recovery preview for multiple formats
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.10

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Recovery Software updates RS File Recovery, the company's easiest to use undelete solution. Version 3.3 brings pre-recovery preview support for a number of additional formats including documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office 2013 format, certain compressed archives, as well as certain types of video and audio files.


RS File Recovery is the company's most affordable and easiest to use tool for recovering deleted files and folders. The tool can undelete deleted information from all types storage media including HDDs, SSD drives, USB sticks and all types of memory cards such as SD, microSD, CompactFlash, etc. It can recover files deleted from disks formatted with any version of FAT or NTFS file systems. The tool comes in handy when one needs to undelete files wiped from the Recycle Bin, or deleted directly with 'Shift' + 'Del.'

RS File Recovery combines a technology with cutting-edge usability, making the tool a quick-fix solution for recovering deleted files. Its step-by-step wizard offers a simple way to recover deleted information. The available Deep Scan mode can scan unallocated disk space for deleted documents, email, databases, pictures, music and video files even if they no longer appear in the file system.

A visual, 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' type pre-recovery preview was always available in RS File Recovery. The newest release adds more formats to the list of files that can be previewed before the recovery. This includes Office 2013 documents and spreadsheets, certain compressed archives, as well as several recent audio and video formats. The ability to preview files before recovering them is essential for easy recovery.

The recently updated RS Partition Recovery also received this update, and is available to help customers recover data from formatted, repartitioned and unreadable HDDs.

The updated RS File Recovery 3.3 is available. The Home Edition is available for $39.95.