Plextor Showed SSD Prototype

With new True Speed for reliability
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.10

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Plextor, brand of storage and multimedia products is owned by Shinano Kenshi of Japan, debuted its next generation NAND SSD at Computex 2013.

The new flash technology uses a smaller architecture to improve efficiency, economy, and capacity.

SSDs will feature a new version of True Speed and be required to meet a new testing standard. They are set to go into production later this year.

The generation will consist of the new generation True Speed technology, which is built on True Speed's ability to provide long-term sustained performance by giving the SSD the ability to deliver a constant response speed even in heavy multi-tasking situations. It comes into play during heavy usage, in server situations, or when multi-tasking. The SSD will continue to perform with no drop in response times. The new generation of True Speed makes Plextor SSDs for high-load applications or advanced applications that make extensive use of multiple processors and cores.

Consumer products on display include the 100K IO/s capable M5 Pro Xtreme, entry-level M5S, and the new M5M mSATA SSD. Further details of the 1Y-nm flash based SSD also on display will be released later.

Included in the next generation SSD will be Plextor's True Protect system, which combines a 256-bit AES drive encryption for data security and multi-layer data integrity. Data accuracy is ensured by using the controller's ECC to check and correct data which is then complemented by Plextor's firmware based Robust Data Hold-Out algorithm for long-term data retention.

Plextor requires that its SSDs pass some of the toughest tests in the industry during the development, validation, and actual manufacturing stages. It has given the M5 Pro Xtreme SSD a calculated MTBF of 2.4 million hours and Plextor's SSD an AFR of 0.16%. It has now taken testing a step further, doubling the time requirements in a testing standard of 400 units, passing endurance testing without error or failure. For a drive to be approved, all units must now pass a battery of six specially designed tests that extend over 1,000 hours inside the elevated temperature conditions of Flexstar testing chambers.

"For Plextor, Computex is always an opportunity to raise the bar, and prove why we have a reputation for performance, quality and reliability. This year we power up performance with a new generation of True Speed, and introduce even more stringent pre-production testing requirements with more than double the hours of testing for extreme reliability and a longer product life. We're also pushing the envelope with the Next Generation NAND Flash Memory SSD technology," commented Anthony Liu, PM director, Plextor SSD R&D center.