Quantum Enhancing vmPRO Software

Leveraging Scalar LTFS tape for backup and archive for virtualized environments
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.27

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Quantum Corp. announced enhancements to its vmPRO software that bring open standard data protection and archive capabilities to virtualised environments.


In addition to disk or cloud, vmPRO 3.1 now leverages Scalar LTFS tape technology to provide user-accessible, searchable archive capabilities for VMware data. The new software also simplifies management while improving performance and workload efficiency for backing up VMs in their native VMware (VMDK) format.
Open, Simple and Fast VM Protection and Archive

  • User-Accessible, Searchable Data Protection and Archive in Native VMware Format: vmPRO 3.1 enables companies to access and recover backup and archive VM data from disk, tape or cloud across its lifecycle. By backing up VMs in native state, users can instantly boot VMs from any remote site, including the cloud, without requiring a proprietary backup application, ensuring future-proof flexibility to adopt the latest backup technology.
  • VMware Data Protection Made Simple: vmPRO is designed to provide deployment for backup and recovery, allowing users to browse, search and retrieve individual files from any standard file browser with drag and drop simplicity. New features to reduce administrative time include automatic configuration protection and aggregated management for multiple vmPRO virtual appliance deployments.
  • Performance: vmPRO 3.1 achieves improved performance with the addition of HotAdd support from VMware, as well as the ability to perform multiple backup jobs simultaneously, and includes enhancements to its patented technology to read only what is necessary for a backup job.
  • Management: Customers can use Quantum Vision software to initiate and push upgrades to vmPRO for better overall management of VM backups.

All-Virtual Backup to Q-Cloud
Continuing the advancement of virtual data protection technologies, Quantum also announced the new DXi V4000. This all-software, all-virtual solution provides 24TB of usable capacity for deduplication, encryption and replication to DXi appliances as well as Q-Cloud, Quantum's cloud backup and DR solution. Combined with vmPRO 3.1, the DXi V-Series provides a native, all-virtual data protection solution that works with existing customer environments.
Greg Sollenberger, solution architect, H.A. Storage Systems, said: "vmPRO has proven itself as a simple but powerful approach to protecting VMs, and the addition of support for LTFS tape should broaden its appeal for customers looking for long-term, economical backup and archive solutions."

Jason Buffington, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said: "Quantum has the rather unique capability to offer customers the complete range of data protection, from deduplicated DXi disk to LTO tape to Q-Cloud, leveraging vmPRO software or other third-party data protection products. Combining VM protection with LTFS (and disk) makes sense to me, as customers look for ways to decommission VMs or make them portable - as easily as they provision them these days. Combined with the announcement of the DXi V4000 - which solution providers should be thrilled to hear about - it is apparent that Quantum is committed to blazing a trail that meets customers' evolving needs."

Robert Clark, SVP, data protection group, Quantum, said: "Backup and archive continue to converge, and vmPRO 3.1 is on the front line of that trend. Companies increasingly treat their data as an asset, and by bringing open standards archive capabilities to VMs, vmPRO is enabling customers to enjoy the economic benefits of both virtualization and tape for long-term retention."

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