New Microsemi Self-Encrypting 2.5-Inch SATA SSDs

256GB on SLC, 200MB/s
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.27

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Microsemi Corporation, provider of semiconductor solutions, announced a family of self-encrypting SSDs for applications requiring data security, reliability, ruggedization, large storage capacity and high sustained data throughput rates.


The first product in the TRRUST-Stor Series 200 family is a 256GB 2.5" SATA SSD that operates at sustained rates of 200MB/s. The company has secured multiple design-wins for its new Series 200 SSD and initial shipments to customers are underway.

TRRUST-Stor Series 200 SSDs are for high bandwidth land-, air-, and ship-based video streaming and surveillance applications where recording every second of data is important. The capacity Series 200 also provides storage for imaging applications such as those used in UAVs and vetronics.

"Our new Series 200 SSDs deliver the exceptional speed, capacity and unmatched security features required to meet growing demand for high-bandwidth, read-write drives used in data-sensitive applications," said BJ Heggli, VP of strategic development and assistant GM for Microsemi. "We will continue to execute on our product roadmap to deliver industry-leading solid state drives that match our customers' security, storage and performance requirements."

The TRRUST-Stor Series 200 is powered by Microsemi's second generation Armor processor. An hardware-based erase takes less than eight seconds. The SSDs also offer the ability to load encryption keys. Customers can input their own AES-256 keys, purge them and re-load as needed. TRRUST-Purge technology destroys keys in less than 30ms when activated.

The self-encrypting drive (SED) features a built-in in-line encryptor with hardware-implemented AES 256 encryption using the XTS block cipher mode.

TRRUST-Stor Series 200 Features:

  • Capacity: 256GB non-volatile storage using SLC NAND flash
  • Performance: 200 MB/s sustained read and write
  • Encryption: Hardware-based implementation of AES-256 encryption with XTS, protecting sensitive data
  • Security: Key management with loadable AES encryption keys. Optional hardware-based authentication enables higher levels of security. The TRRUST-Purge function erases the keys in under 30ms, rendering data forensically unrecoverable.
  • DMEA Trusted Facility: U.S.-made with BOM and manufacturing control
  • Erase Capability: Hardware-based clear of the entire drive occurs in less than eight seconds
  • Reliability: Developed to endure harsh environments, TRRUST-Stor SSD's ruggedized specifications allow the disk drive to withstand up to 3000G shock and 30Grms of vibration.
  • Obsolescence Management: Leveraging Microsemi Armor flash management processor and IP, product obsolescence is mitigated.