Swiss MSP Cyber Network Chooses IBM PureSystems

With Storwize V7000
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.27

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IBM Corporation announced that Cyber Network SA, a Swiss MSP based in
Geneva, has chosen IBM Flex Systems and storage to upgrade its IT
infrastructure and grow its cloud business.


The integrated design and management capabilities in Flex Systems will help
Cyber Network to spend less time on IT maintenance and support and devote these
resources to provide lower-cost services for its growing numbers of cloud-based

As a result of this deployment, Cyber Network will be able to focus on
expanding its business by improving services to meet evolving customer

"The IBM
Flex System gives us excellent performance and a significant amount of headroom
for the future,
" said Marco Tricarico, CTO, Cyber Network. "The technology enables Cyber Network to
offer our clients a resilient, high-performance cloud platform for their
business-critical applications.

Cyber Network offers a range of IT hosting and connectivity services to
corporate clients, with a particular focus on the financial services and
insurance industries. As the number of clients utilizing its cloud platform
expanded, Cyber Network recognized that it needed to invest in a new
infrastructure that would offer better scalability and assure BC.

To ensure high resilience for its clients' hosted environments the company
deployed a Flex System and Storwize
V7000 storage system solution in each of its two Geneva data centers. Beyond
the clear improvements in performance for both servers and storage, the key
benefit offered by the Flex System is scalability - both in terms of the
capacity of the system and its ease of management.

"Management is the real difference
between Flex System and other options,
" said Tricarico. "With Flex System Manager, we can control all
the elements of the infrastructure. This single point of control will save us
considerable time and effort, meaning that our investment in Flex System will
translate into lower cost per client.

The Flex System goes beyond competitor's blade configurations and provides
the building-block elements for IBM PureSystems. IBM Flex Systems are
built-to-order offerings for clients who want to custom build and tune
configurations to their specific requirements. This allows them to select the
specific compute, systems networking and optional storage and management required
to support their specific workloads.

The IBM PureSystems family offers clients an alternative to current enterprise
computing models, where multiple and disparate systems require significant
resources to set up and maintain.

The true value of PureSystems is a portfolio of integrated and pre-tuned
platforms. It enables organizations to efficiently create
and manage an infrastructure. PureApplication System helps organizations reduce
the cost and complexity of rapidly deploying and managing applications.
PureData System is tuned for cloud computing and can consolidate more than 100
databases on a single system. In addition to the common web application
patterns supported by PureApplication System, the combination of both PureData
and PureApplication Systems can be used for end to end transaction workloads.

Since the introduction of PureSystems in April of 2012, more than 4000 systems
have been shipped to clients in more than 90 countries around the world.