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CoSoSys Rolls Out Apps Management Module for iOS Devices

History of installed apps, remote installation and deletion
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.27

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CoSoSys Ltd. releases mobile
application management for iOS
, the last feature of the mobile
device management solution, a module in Endpoint
, which also includes device control, content-aware data
loss prevention and portable storage encryption.


are adopting employee-owned mobile devices and the most popular
mobile platform for BYOD is iOS. Large numbers of mobile devices
connected to corporate networks brought IT administrators’
challenges to overcome in their assignment to secure data. Employees
expect the right to use mobile apps that help them manage their
tasks, connect with colleagues, keep in touch with family, etc.
Therefore, IT administrators are faced with a growing number of apps
invading their network every day, in which case they find help in a
mobile application management tool. Having an overview of the mobile
devices fleet and the mobile applications and the ability to manage
them, decreases the security risks companies and individuals are
exposed to.

"Within a short period of time our MDM
solution has become highly competitive and our focus on customers’
needs made this happen. The new feature added to our MDM offering -
Mobile Application Management for iOS - addresses the risks
associated with installing and using mobile apps within the
' network,
without interfering with employees’ productivity,
said CoSoSys CEO, Roman Foeckl. 

The management feature
integrated into Endpoint for iOS devices supports paid and free apps
listed on iTunes App Store. It enables the software to push, view,
remotely delete and control apps on iOS devices. Support for
enterprise apps will be released in the near future.


  • Create and manage a catalog of apps (paid and
    free) for immediate or future deployment 
  • Push more apps at
    the same time, in just a few clicks, to enrolled iOS
  • Remotely delete managed apps and associated app
  • Keep records of all installed apps
  • Prevent backup of data
    associated with apps
  • Support for Apple volume purchasing

The solution is available via live update for Endpoint
Protector 4.3. Customers have the possibility to choose
between Hardware and virtual appliances. The data and device security
solution ensures a protection against both inside and outside threats
for organizations in an efficient manner with integration and no OS