Tegile and Voonami Create Cloud-Based Replication Service

Alliance between hybrid SSD Vendor and MSP
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.24

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a provider of offerings for outsourced data centers
services, and Tegile Systems, a
provider of hybrid storage arrays for virtualized server and desktop
environments, announced a partnership on a managed replication
service that provides Tegile customers with a proposition to protect
their data at Voonami's data centers with onsite-level application
performance of replicated data.

The managed replication service
leverages the remote replication functionality built into every
Tegile Zebi hybrid array. Users do not need to purchase any
replication or backup software, but order the service from Voonami
and gain the benefits of distributed data protection to a data center
without additional hardware or software expenditure.

"The combination of Tegile's
disruptive technology and the world class data center resources of
Voonami now make it possible to eliminate the cost and complexity
barriers to outsourcing data protection projects to the cloud,
said Rob Commins, VP marketing, Tegile. "Everything
is built in so our customers simply replicate their data over the
cloud to a shared resource at Voonami. We're excited to add another
extremely compelling resource to the Zebi package.

Voonami president Ben Bush said that
the replication functionality highlights the customer value of Zebi
arrays, enabling replication for a variety of use cases. "Our
distributed replication service can be a pure offsite backup play or
a DR play. People now have the ability to spin up VMs on replicated
storage with the same performance as their primary storage.

The remote replication service expands
the relationship between the two companies. Voonami previously
installed Zebi 2100 arrays in its two data centers
to accelerate the
performance of its cloud computing and SaaS product offerings.

The cooperation replication service is
the first of its kind for a hybrid SSD array vendor with a MSP and
signals the strength that Tegile has established with service
provider customers, who are adopting their Zebi hybrid arrays for the
transformational economics that make SSD performance affordable for
outsourcing services

The hybrid arrays are 5-12 times less
expensive than all-flash arrays on a cost-per-GB basis, but the
architecture delivers SSD-level performance for every application
even if the data resides on HDD storage. With integrated in-line data
de-dupe and compression, Tegile arrays cost about $1 per GB,
competitive with traditional enterprise disk arrays but with lower
operational costs for power and cooling.