UltraSoC Delivers Universal Debug IP

To PMC Sierra storage controllers
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.24

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UltraSoC Technologies Ltd is working with PMC-Sierra to incorporate its silicon IP technology into PMC Sierra, Inc.'s next generation of storage controllers.

This development program, which is expected to lead to PMC taking a licence, incorporates UltraSoC's library of debug IP at the leading edge of embedded systems for PMC. UltraSoC's UltraDebug product provides a system-level capability for multiple heterogeneous processor cores, including graphics cores and custom accelerators, and enables early detection of software and hardware bugs as well as other important optimisation capabilities for memory interfaces and system fabrics.

The technology, which is anticipated to be rolled out in chips in the latter part of 2013, and the imminent silicon validation of UltraDebug on a process node, will represent a milestone in the company's development enabling new licensees a level of confidence in the adoption of a universal debug solution.

UltraSoC's CEO, Karl Heeks said: "As future generations of complex SoC's deliver ever more sophisticated electronic products it will be necessary to integrate increasing amounts of heterogeneous multicore processors. In order to effectively debug these systems it will be hugely beneficial to have a flexible and scalable solution provided by an independent company as an alternative to current in-house solutions or existing debug technologies that are linked to a single architecture."

VP of product development for PMC's enterprise storage division, Salman Ghufran said: "Analyzing complex hardware and software interactions in high-end SoCs requires insight into what is happening through the entire device. PMC partnered with UltraSoC because we recognized that their unique monitoring and debug infrastructure would give us the needed visibility to both enhance our device operation and accelerate our time to market for our customers."

UltraSoC, which is backed by Octopus Investments, is pioneering debugging technology for the embedded systems increasingly used in everyday products from cars to mobile phones. The company is developing a universal debug, UltraDebug, that will support any silicon IP from any semiconductor vendor and which will facilitate the complex SoCs that are required to provide the functionality and performance of electronic products.