Proact Supplies Kaisanet OY With Storage

From EMC
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.24

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Proact IT Group AB, Europe's independent
storage integrator, has supplied Kaisanet Oy
with standardised storage technologies.


Established by two telephone cooperatives in early 2011, Kaisanet was using outdated and diverse technologies that needed to be combined. Proact
supplied the solution.

"We chose Proact because their
extensive experience and leading edge technology were important to us. We also
considered how cost-effective the solution would be; because after all, this
represented a significant investment for us,
" explains Kimmo
Kauppinen, ICT production director at Kaisanet.

"Kaisanet decided to go with the
vPLEX Metro system for virtualisation of its storage as this system facilitates
implementation of active/active data centres. The solution Proact suggested wad
based on technology from EMC,
" says Kimmo Nursales, manager, Proact.

vPLEX resolves a range of problems relating to critical information and
reliability, and it can be used for data migration and data transfer over
synchronous connections.

"vPLEX metro allows data to be
transferred and shared between data centres. Multiple users can use two
locations to read and write the same data - simultaneously. This means that
information is always real-time and eliminates the need to copy and share data
between two data centres,
" explains Nurmivuori.

Green IT
Besides the virtual storage technology supplied, RecoverPoint and two
disk systems were selected to provide constant data protection.
RecoverPoint continuously replicates stored data; so allowing data to be
restored to any point in time. Compared with traditional SnapShot
technology, RecoverPoint is like a video capture.

"The hardware supplied uses the very
latest EMC technology. As a result, power consumption is lower and less cooling
is required than was the case with the previous generation hardware. This
restructuring initiative ensures that the same services are available at the
data centres in both Kajaani and Iisalmi. They can also be transferred from one
data centre to the other without interruption,
" notes Kauppinen.