PHD Virtual Delivers On-Ramp for Cloud Providers

Wanting to provide Recovery-as-a-Service
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.24

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Virtual Technologies Inc.
announced an on-ramp for cloud service
providers wanting to provide Recovery-as-a-Service.

Because IT organizations feel sustained
pressure to support RTOs, they need assurance from their cloud
service provider that their applications and business services can
recover within a timeframe that meets BR.

"More and more companies are
looking to leverage the cloud for DR and this is positively impacting
growth in the RaaS space,
" said Carlos Escapa, SVP and GM of
DR products at PHD Virtual. "We are seeing exponential growth
from cloud service providers who recognize that PHD's ReliableDR,
provides the only automated way to prove that they can recover their
customers' IT environments within agreed SLAs. ReliableDR's powerful
reporting capabilities also provide auditable compliance proof of BC

"The partnership with PHD
Virtual provided NSIS Systems the ability to provide cost effective
DR as a Service for the VMware Platform,
" said Stephan Buys,
the MD of NSIS Systems (NSIS
Systems LLP), an UK cloud Services Provider. "PHD Virtual's
ReliableDR is a great product which provides the end user with an
easy to use interface to manage their DR. The continuous and
automated testing of the recovery VMs ensures that the end users will
have functional recovery points to fail over to. NSIS Systems is
looking forward to a long term partnership with PHD Virtual.

Gartner estimates that the RaaS market
will grow to $1.2 billion by 2017, a CAGR of 21%. By 2014, 30% of
midsize companies will have adopted recovery-in-the-cloud, also known
as RaaS, to support IT operations recovery.

PHD's ReliableDR 3.1 is a DR assurance
solution that reduces the cost of IT DR testing to support recovery
SLAs demanded by businesses and compliance auditors. Unlike legacy DR
tests, which are performed once per year and can cost upwards of
$30,000, this service enables DR exercises to be performed on a
daily, or even hourly, basis and at a fraction of the cost. It
enforces RTOs/ RPOs, and delivers RTAs and detects stale snapshots
that are outside the RPO policy. 

"Clouds reconfigure virtualized
resources all the time so testing for DR must be done frequently,
said Escapa. "ReliableDR, fully automates the orchestration
of the DR testing process and helps cloud service providers make sure
that recovery procedures are current and in compliance with BC
requirements and regulations.

"PHD's ReliableDR enables cloud
service providers to provide ironclad assurance that their customers'
systems will come up within SLAs,
" said Dave Simpson, senior storage analyst, The 451 Group."This differentiates their
cloud recovery services and allows them to better meet customers'