PBS Archives SAP with KOMpliance

ContentLink integrates WORM tamper-proof storage.
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PBS Software GmbH, provider of add-on software solutions for Information
Lifecycle Management with SAP AG in the areas of data archiving, extraction, and
storage, and KOM Networks, Inc., provider of storage management solutions for compliant
data protection and retention, announced the integration of PBS ContentLink, a
lean interface between SAP environments and compliant storage systems, with
KOMpliance, a secure storage solution.

The joint solution enables SAP applications to archive directly through
ContentLink to KOMpliance WORM storage volumes on existing storage resources.
This integration provides an alternative to the complex enterprise content archiving and secure compliant storage
solutions commonly used in the SAP environment.

"We are pleased to welcome PBS to
our KOMunity partner network. Our joint customers will benefit from our
combined commitment to customers and service excellence,
" says Taher
Shaath, CEO, KOM Networks. "This
partnership will empower customers to leverage our technologies as an
integrated compliance solution.

KOMpliance, with its patented technologies, allows the creation of WORM storage
volumes using any HDD or SSD storage infrastructure. ContentLink is a lean
software solution for compliant archiving of SAP data on external storage
systems and for integration with MS SharePoint. Using PBS ContentLink and
KOMpliance, customers can create a direct and lean connection between SAP
systems and KOMpliance secure storage, leveraging any storage technology or manufacturer
to meet legal archiving requirements and future-proof ILM.

PBS ContentLink supports the new SAP-specific WebDAV 3.0 protocol as well as
the SAP ArchiveLink interface and is
certified by SAP for the integration scenario BC-ILM 3.0 (ILM for SAP). The WebDAV protocol ensures the usage under the SAP ILM
components Retention Manager and Retention Warehouse. The combined capabilities
of PBS ContentLink and KOMpliance offer a compliant
archive solution that addresses all the corporate and regulated mandates that
many of the organizations depending on SAP have to meet or exceed.

"PBS is a valued technology partner
with a legendary reputation in the SAP market place. The integrated solution of
KOMpliance and PBS Archive as a certified solution enhances our versatility and
expands the use cases for our customers,
" states Kamel Shaath, CTO,
KOM Networks. "With the combined
technology, flexibility and expertise of PBS and KOM; our customers can
actively select any information from their rich SAP ERP environment to create a
highly accessible and compliant archive using the storage infrastructure and
technology of choice

"We have shared a great deal of
success with KOM. It is a great opportunity for our customers to leverage our
combined strengths to address their long-term archive, data retention and
compliance requirements. KOMpliance has established a new standard in secure
storage and ILM, and the integration with PBS Archive extends these
capabilities and flexibility to our combined customers,
" states
Günther Reichling, MD of PBS Software GmbH. "Regardless of the source or the SAP configuration, PBS and KOM can play
an active role in securing critical digital assets.