IceWEB Adds NASA to Client Roster

Because it meets the NIST FIPS 140 encryption requirements
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.24

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IceWEB, Inc. announced that the company
consummated an IceBOX sale to the National Aeronautics & Space


NASA chose the IceBOX cloud collaboration platform because it meets the NIST
FIPS 140 encryption requirements which will allow them to implement a BYOD solution
that keeps them FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) compliant.
The IT administration and auditing features of IceBOX were also instrumental in
winning this business.

"This is an important win for us,
demonstrating the key functionality and value of our IceBOX product,
said Rob Howe, IceWEB CEO.

"There are three major
constituencies with mission critical requirements in every BYOD implementation
whether it's in a large enterprise or a small business-the End-User community,
the Internal IT community and the Legal/Regulatory community. You don't get to
cherry-pick which community you are going to serve. You must serve them all if
you are to be a truly viable BYOD solution. Obviously, all those communities
were represented in this sale, and all of them gave IceBOX their 'thumbs-up.'
So it's clear that with IceBOX, we pass the usability, the
security/administration and the auditability tests. That's what makes the
IceBOX such an exciting and useful product for any size organization no matter
how critical and complex the data,
" Howe concluded.