StorONE Publishes Patent on Large Scale Storage System

Seagate owns 5% of this unknown Israeli start-up.
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2013.03.25

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Based in Ra'anana, Israel, StorONE Ltd., in software for unified distributed storage platform, publishes patent on "Large Scale Storage System", applicants being also Raz Gordon, Tal Kipnis and Guy Loewenberg, all of them from Israel.

Abstract: "A distributed storage system comprising an infrastructure layer including interconnected computer nodes, wherein each one of the interconnected computer nodes comprising processing resources configured to execute a Unified Distributed Storage Platform (UDSP) agent configured to receive a task having assignments, calculating grades for assignments such that each grade is indicative of a suitability to execute assignments while meeting at least one Service Level Specification (SLS) requirement. The grade is calculated based on storage related resources parameters data. The task is routed to a more suitable computer node based on the calculated grades. The updated infrastructure layer is created in response to adding interconnected computer nodes and executing assignments of following tasks or routing the following tasks to a more suitable computer node based on the calculated grades."

On October 24, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for ALGOSTOR, a software for use in connection with storage, by StorONE.

According to a SEC filing, Seagate has an ownership interest of approximately 5% in StorONE, where Seagate's director of the board since 2009, Edward Zander, former chairman and CEO of Motorola and president of Sun, owns around 1%.