Whiptail Taps Network Engines

For manufacturing its all-flash arrays
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.02.26

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Technologies, Inc.
has partnered with manufacturer Network Engines, Inc. (NEI) to meet demand for
Whiptail's family of products.

NEI provides application platforms,
deployment solutions and lifecycle support services for software technology
developers and OEMs worldwide. It is known for its expertise in storage, security and
communications. Whiptail chose NEI as its manufacturing partner because the
company has experience in solution design, manufacture, global
logistics and lifecycle management. By leveraging NEI's qualified procedures
and process, Whiptail has been able to speed time to market for its storage
arrays while minimizing the effort and resources that Whiptail would otherwise
expend, enabling it to concentrate on its core business.

been shipping product for a little more than two years now, and have broken the
200 customer threshold,
" said Whiptail CEO Dan Crain. "When we were a small company, we could
handle our own manufacturing, but that's not the case anymore. NEI has a
commitment to quality workmanship and very efficient business operations. They
take pride in delivering and supporting a high-quality, reliable product, and
that's what our customers expect.

For NEI, adding Whiptail is another
validation of its LEAD (Lifecycle Engine for Application Deployment) System,
which includes all steps from design, integration, management, logistics and
more. NEI's LEAD model is suited to help software developers
like Whiptail deliver and support powerful, affordable appliance solutions to
meet their schedules and competitive performance criteria.

have a unique skill set in this industry that enables young companies to
economically and efficiently bring their products to market and compete with
established players on a level playing field,
" said Jeff Hudgins , VP
of marketing at NEI. "Our customers
range from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, and each benefits from our
engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to solve the numerous
challenges involved in getting an application to market.