Overland Adds RapidRebuild to SnapScale Clustered NAS

Recovering data quickly, intelligently rebuilding only used blocks on HDD
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.01.18

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Overland Storage, Inc. announced RapidRebuild in its scalable clustered scale-out NAS solutions.

With the integrated RapidRebuild feature, SnapScale is able to recover data quickly and maximise uptime by intelligently rebuilding only the used blocks on a drive. By utilising RapidRebuild, SnapScale reduces the rebuild time of large capacity drives, providing optimised HA and continual data access.

SnapScale delivers a simple to deploy, easy to manage, high-performance solution that provides 99.999% uptime and a no-single-point-of-failure architecture for maximum data protection. Combining the RapidRebuild feature with the newly-available 4TB Nearline SAS drives for SnapScale offers a combination of enterprise features and increased capacity, enabling users to meet the needs of business-critical environments, as well as the capacity and density performance requirements of cloud and scale-out computing.

SnapScale Delivers Capacity,
Performance and Simplicity Including:

  • The ability to rebuild and recover data quickly and seamlessly: SnapScale's integrated RapidRebuild feature optimises HA by intelligently rebuilding only the used blocks on the drive. This is critical when deploying high capacity drives, ensuring efficient rebuild times and maximised uptime. Rebuilding large capacity disks without RapidRebuild could take hours or even days.
  • Storing and protecting data at higher densities: With the ability to support 4TB Nearline SAS drives, companies can now take advantage of storage capacity to meet growing storage requirements, while consolidating hundreds of petabytes of capacity under one global namespace.
  • Savings on power, cooling and rack space: Utilising 4TB Nearline SAS drives allows for the reduction of the number of nodes being supported in the data center. With the ability to maximise density, companies can achieve reduced power, cooling costs and increased space efficiencies.
  • Upgrade current environment: With the latest 4TB Nearline SAS now available on the SnapScale X2, companies can upgrade their capacity with larger drives while replacing older smaller capacity drives. This feature will enable a pay-as-you-grow model that will not require the purchase of new nodes, further optimising storage capacity and increasing cost savings.

"Companies with growing data storage needs require reliable storage solutions that offer high-density storage and performance. The storage ecosystem needs to be easily expandable and simple to manage not just initially, but over time. SnapScale's enterprise-class features, such as RapidRebuild, enable companies to better maximise the protection of their assets more efficiently than traditional RAID implementations," said Joe Disher, director of product marketing for Disk Based Products, Overland. "Our early support of 4TB Nearline SAS drives is further proof of our commitment to bring our customers the best technology to support the rapidly growing storage needs of our customers."

The Overland Storage SnapScale Clustered NAS with RapidRebuild and 4TB Nearline SAS drives are available from a network of VARs and system integrators.