Most Promising Storage Start-Ups in 2013

Among those that revealed their growth
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2013.01.11

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Last January 2, 2013 we published's annual updated choice of Top 15 Most Promising Storage Start-Ups in 2013.

Here, for th first time, we make a different ranking on the Top 15 Fastest Growing Storage Start-Ups in 2012 in revenue growth.

Start-ups are all privately held and about never reveal their sales. But a bunch of them have published in 2012 press releases demonstrating their growth in percentage or in number of customers. We have classified here these start-ups depending on their published growth.

Of course here are missing all the new storage companies that didn't reveal anything on their financial activity. For two reasons: 1/ they are successful but neglect to inform us about it; 2/ they are not successful and prefer not divulge their bad results.

Here are our final result:

  1. Caringo (CAS software)
  2. Nasuni (secure cloud storage)
  3. Actifio (data protection, DR and BC)
  4. Virsto Software (software to unleash the power of virtual storage for virtual server)
  5. Code 42 Software* (offsite and online backup solution)
  6. StorMagic (storage management software to simplify SAN adoption in core and VMware IT environment)
  7. Nexenta Systems (software storage OS based on ZFS)
  8. Coraid (network storage appliances based on  ATA-over-Ethernet)
  9. Mimecast* (email management including archiving, discovery, continuity, security and policy)
  10. VirtualSharp Software (DR Assurance for virtual data center)
  11. Unitrends Software (business recovery solution for SMBs)
  12. CloudSigma (Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider)
  13. Tintri (SSD storage system for virtual machines)
  14. Sanbolic (shared file system software)
  15. PHD Virtual Technologies (backup and recovery for VMs)

* Firms also being in Top 15 Most Promising Storage Start-Ups in 2013

Our Comments

Corrections on January 25 and February 16, February 28 and April 6, 2013

Add also to this list these start-ups for which we got
their impressive growth after the publication of this article:

Acronis (backup software)
Cleversafe (storage grid)
Cloudfounders (private cloud technologies for IT-as-a-Service solutions)
Ctera Networks ("Cloud Attached Storage" grouping small NAS into a single appliance)
Druva Software
(continuous data availability and de-dupe backup software for laptops)
ExaGrid Systems (disk-based backup with de-dupe)
Nakivo (VM data protection software)
Nimbus Data Systems (flash memory array)
Panzura (software and hardware for cloud storage as tier one)
Pivot3 (RAID Across Independent Gigabit Ethernet - RAIGE - for video surveillance)
Symform (distributed cloud backup service
TwinStrata (cloud-integrated storage solution)
Veeam Software (backup, replication and virtualization software)
Vembu Technologies (peer-to-peer backup)
Whiptail (all-flash storage arrays) (enterprise online server backup and DR solution)