Most Promising Storage Start-Ups in 2013

Editor's annual updated choice of Top 15
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2013.01.02

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For the third year in a row, we are ranking the top 15 most promising storage start-ups for their technology - not necessary the most growing in term of revenue. It's not easy to classify these start-ups because they are involved in completely different technologies (advanced memories, components, subsystems, connectivity, software, etc). But we did it. This ranking is the result of the opinion of a journalist - not a consultant or an expert - following daily the worldwide storage industry, considering of course the technology of each company, but also the amount of their financial rounds of funding last year as we suspect that VCs have generally a good looking at technology and put their money in promising companies. Anybody else trying to the do the same ranking will get different results.
JJM, Editor

In this 2013 ranking, Violin Memory keeps the second place. Cloudera moves from ?4 to ?3. Nimble Storage, Nutanix, Pure Storage and Virident also remains in the Top 15. All the other ones are entering into our new list.

Top 15 Most Promising Storage Start-Ups in 2013

  1. online storage
  2. Violin Memory: flash memory arrays
  3. Cloudera: Apache Hadoop-based platform
  4. Mimecast: email management including archiving, discovery, continuity, security and policy
  5. Code 42 Software: offsite and online backup solutions
  6. Nimble Storage: storage, backup, and DR into a single iSCSI solution with SSDs and HDDs
  7. Pure Storage: all-flash storage arrays
  8. Spin Transfer Technologies: orthogonal spin transfer magneto-resistive random access memory
  9. Nutanix: cloud computing and virtualization
  10. Avalanche Technology: low power non-volatile magnetic memory
  11. Diablo Technologies: software and hardware architecture with non-volatile memory for enterprise solid state storage
  12. Virtual Instruments: virtual infrastructure optimization solutions
  13. Qumulo: enterprise storage (in stealth mode)
  14. Virident: enterprise PCIe SSD
  15. DensBits Technologies: Memory Modem technology enabling cost reduction in NAND flash-based storage systems

All these start-ups are headquartered in USA but DensBits Technologies in Israel, Diablo Technologies in Canada and Mimecast in UK.

We also like Actifio, Avere Systems, Crossbar, Dropbox, Exablox, Fusion-io, Kaminario, Nasuni, Nexenta Systems, NextIO, Nirvanix, Pivot3, SimpliVity, Solera Networks, and Tintri.

Our Top 15 ranking for 2012 was:

  1. Dropbox: online storage
  2. Violin Memory: flash memory arrays
  3. Coraid: network storage appliances based on ATA-over-Ethernet
  4. Cloudera: Apache Hadoop-based platform
  5. SolidFire: cloud-based SSD storage
  6. Tintri: purpose-built SSD storage system for virtual machines
  7. Actifio: solution for data protection, DR and BC
  8. Pure Storage: software for SSD NAS
  9. Adesto: memory based on RRAM-type scheme called programmable metallization cell to replace flash
  10. Thought Equity Motion: cloud storage video platform
  11. Nimble Storage: storage, backup, and DR into single iSCSI solution with SSDs and HDDs
  12. Nutanix: cloud computing and virtualization
  13. Virident: enterprise PCIe SSD
  14. Kanbox: online backup in China
  15. XtremIO: enterprise SSD storage system