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Permabit Albireo De-Dupe Software Reduces Backup Volume

For OEMs
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.11.08

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Permabit Technology Corporation announced its Albireo Data Optimization Software Data Protection Edition,
developed to address the data growth and enhance existing enterprise
backup methods of businesses that have progressed beyond traditional
backup technologies.

Albireo Data Protection Edition delivers a deduplication approach that
can scale and perform at the levels needed for today's petabyte-scale
data stores delivering performance and scalability that extends well
beyond existing levels. It combines I/O performance, multiple petabyte
scalability and reduced memory requirements that make it a choice in
enhancing products that deliver deduplication capabilities today.

It is designed to enhance enterprise backup software as well as to
differentiate more specialized solutions such as those optimized for
backup of databases or virtual machines. With flexible deployment
options, Albireo is integrated into stand-alone software, data
protection appliances, or backup-to-cloud online service offerings.

Albireo is used to help businesses modernize their approach to data
protection by adding new software solutions, appliances and cloud
services that take their existing enterprise backup to the next level of
performance and efficiency. OEMs that integrate Albireo SDK into their
offerings reduce the storage volume requirements and improve processing
efficiency at the scale and performance levels needed for today's
multi-petabyte data stores.

"Many organizations continue to re-architect their backup
infrastructures and support procedures in an effort to modernize their
approach to handle new data types and large workload volumes, and to
improve backup and restore times. Deduplication technology is among one
of the key items being sought
," said Dave Russell, research VP, Gartner.

Albireo is a purpose-built OEM data deduplication software designed to
meet the needs of hardware, software and service providers who wish to
expand their existing solutions without negatively impacting existing
differentiating capabilities and/or reducing overall performance. It
delivers deduplication that can be integrated into current or
next-generation storage and platform architectures. Albireo
deduplication is deployed in primary, archive and backup storage across
the data center and the cloud. With Albireo, OEMs leverage their
existing R&D investments while accelerating time to market for
must-have, industry leading data optimization capabilities.

"Data optimization is a 'must have' in the data protection market," said Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit. "We
are helping OEMs add deduplication that delivers performance, resource
utilization, I/O efficiency and scalability to their products.