Several Partnerships for SolidFire

Arista, Canonical, Citrix, OnApp, OpenStack, Tier 3 and VMware
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.09.21

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SolidFire Inc., provider of all-SSD storage systems, announced
integrations with key vendors across the cloud ecosystem.  

SolidFire has selected partners and
technologies to enabling its customers' cloud infrastructure strategy. The
company has established partnership and integration milestones with the
following vendors and communities:

  • Arista
    : SolidFire and Arista Networks have
    validated interoperability between their storage and networking architectures
    to deliver to customers best-of-breed technology for a high-performance cloud
  • Canonical:
    SolidFire has integrated with Canonical's Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure to
    deliver to customers a validated reference architecture for the expedient
    deployment of a production-ready OpenStack cloud.
  • Citrix Systems:
    SolidFire's SF3010 and SF6010 storage nodes have been verified as Citrix Ready
    for both CloudPlatform and XenServer.
  • OnApp: OnApp and
    SolidFire have collaborated to validate the integration of OnApp Cloud with
    SolidFire storage nodes.
  • OpenStack:
    Already a supported OpenStack Compute (Nova) volume storage option in the Essex
    release, SolidFire has remained very active in the OpenStack community,
    specifically the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) project, to drive accelerated
    maturation and functionality to the block storage service within OpenStack.
  • Tier 3:
    SolidFire's storage solutions have been certified as compatible with Tier 3's
    virtual private cloud software. The joint solution is optimized for production
    environments and business-critical applications.
  • VMware: SolidFire
    has achieved VMware Ready status. After a detailed validation process, the
    SolidFire SF3010 storage system has achieved VMware's highest level of

"Integration and automation across
the infrastructure stack are essential for our customers to achieve the agility
and efficiency promises of cloud computing. These announcements are in clear
recognition of this dynamic, but we are only just getting started
," said
Dave Cahill, director of strategic alliances at SolidFire. "SolidFire will
continue to expand the depth and breadth of our integrations to ensure
strategic alignment with the technology and services integral to the planning,
building and running of our customers cloud infrastructures

In addition to these ecosystem alliance
relationships, SolidFire is also announcing technology alliances with Intel,
Marvell and Viking Technology

"Recognizing the need for a more
scalable and higher performance cloud storage infrastructure, Arista Networks
and SolidFire have joined forces to offer an enhanced solution for deployment
of high-performance cloud architectures
," said Joe Hielscher, director of
alliances at Arista. "The combination of Arista's 10 GbE data center
switches and SolidFire's high-performance all-SSD storage systems directly
addresses some of the biggest hurdles faced in scaling-out a cloud
infrastructure: matching network and storage scalability, performance and

"For cloud providers looking to
offer high performances on their virtual disk I/O, there are very limited
options in the market
", said Nick Barcet, Ubuntu Cloud product manager at
Canonical. "SolidFire changes the landscape, offering cloud providers a
storage system that allows them to confidently and economically host
performance-sensitive applications in the cloud. SolidFire has chosen Ubuntu,
the reference OS for OpenStack, as a key component of its OpenStack implementation.
Leveraging each company's deep commitment to OpenStack, Canonical and SolidFire
have combined to deliver a powerful integration for anyone looking to deploy
and manage a differentiated OpenStack-based cloud

"To realize the true benefits of
cloud, the underlying infrastructure must be capable of delivering predictable
performance, dynamic provisioning and complete automation
", said Peder
Ulander, VP of product marketing, CloudPlatform Group at Citrix.
"SolidFire is a strong complement to the CloudPlatform framework, because
it has been uniquely architected to address these challenges from a storage
perspective. SolidFire's achievement of Citrix Ready status with CloudPlatform
brings together best-of-breed technologies across key layers of the cloud
infrastructure stack

"With more than 1,000 public and
private clouds deployed globally, OnApp recognizes that high-performance,
scalable  solution is a critical component of any cloud
", said Kosten
Metreweli, chief commercial officer, OnApp. "By validating the
compatibility of SolidFire's storage system with OnApp's turnkey cloud
platform, we're helping service providers deploy robust, enterprise-grade
clouds in even shorter timeframes

"Tier 3 delivers an
enterprise-grade cloud software platform and storage is a key component of our
," said Jared Wray, CTO, Tier 3. "Customers require easy
deployments and superior performance that can scale automatically in real time.
Together, Tier 3 and SolidFire provide a solid solution for business-critical
applications in the cloud

"Organizations of all sizes are seeking
reliable, trusted and secure solutions as they accelerate their cloud
" said Sheryl Sage, director, Alliance Programs, at VMware.
"We are pleased to see SolidFire achieve VMware Ready status across the
SF3010 platform, which designates VMware's highest level of endorsement, and
enables customers to have the flexibility and agility they desire in their
cloud infrastructure