Tape Cartridge Revenue Down 10% From 1Q12 to 2Q12

Santa Clara Consulting Group report
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.09.05

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Backup tape cartridge sales amounted to $169.10 million in the second quarter of 2012 according to Back-up Tape Tracker Report ($2,750) from Santa Clara Consulting Group.

LTO accounted for 91.0% of total with sales of $153.94 million. The media market is expected to have sales of $162.72 million in the next quarter. Total LTO sales were slightly off at 5.6 million units in Q2. LTO-5 volume was steady in the quarter. It accounted for 27% of unit sales and 41% of dollars. LTO-4 shipments were down -6%. They represented 45% of units and 36% of dollars. LTO-3 sales declined -20%. They accounted for 22% of volume and 17% of dollars. LTO-2 was down -32%. It accounted for 6% of units and 5% of dollars. LTO-1 was down on a small volume. It sold 1% of units and 1% of dollars. HP led the LTO market with a 32% share. IBM was the second largest supplier and Fuji was third. In Q3 LTO total volume is expected to erase -2%. It will be supported by growth of LTO-5. Sales of earlier generations are expected to decline.

The DDS/DAT cartridge volume decreased -14% to .5 million units in Q2. DAT-72 accounted for 40% of unit sales and 43% of the value of the segment. DAT-160 accounted for 24% of the value of the segment and DAT-320 took 9%. HP led the DDS/DAT market with a 71% share. Segment dollar sales amounted to $6.66 million.

DLT-S cartridge sales amounted to .1 million units. HP led the segment. It was followed by Quantum and Maxell. DLT-S dollar sales are expected to be off to $3.60 million in Q3. DLT-V sales were off at .02 million units. Their value was $0.87 million. Quantum led the segment with a 40% share. HP was second at 28%. DLTtape IV cartridges accounted for 60% of units. Sales of DLT-V are expected to be lower in Q3.

AIT media supports its respective installed bases of drives. Total AIT cartridge volume in the quarter amounted to .03 million units. Sony had a 99% share in the segment.

Shipments of QIC cartridges in the quarter totaled .02 million units. Their value was $1.57 million. Imation dominated the segment with a market share of 96%.

The 8mm particle cartridge amounted to .01 million units worth $0.07 million. Sony led the segment with a 57% market share.

Tandberg supplied 8mm metal evaporated cartridges for its VXA and Mammoth drives. Sales were .01 million units in the quarter.