2.5 Quintillion Bytes Created Each Day, Calculated ViaWest

And 48% of CIOs say biggest challenge is finding skilled people.
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ViaWest, a privately-held data center, cloud and managed services providers in North America, announces the release of two infographics which outline strategic resources for solving data storage issues along with the top IT challenges faced by CIOs today.

The new big data infographic shows the latest statistics on storage including implications of how big data will affect businesses in the future. IT Infirmity infographic outlines the biggest issues facing CIOs in 2012. The issues include the difficulties of finding and retaining skilled employees, minimizing IT outages, and the inability to focus on strategic goals.

Detailing today's storage issues and innovative data strategies, infographic Data Storage in the Era of big data notes how each day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created (one followed by 18 zeros), which is equivalent to 57.5 billion 32 GB iPads.

To help companies address their large amounts of data, ViaWest recently introduced its NAS offering. It provides data and infrastructure management, coupled with storage efficiency. As part of its KINECTed Storage family, the NAS platform is a flexible, affordable offering that delivers built-in support for Ethernet attached storage. The company also offers a SAN platform for performing applications and databases creating flexible and customizable options.

In addition, with rapidly growing IT infrastructures, companies find it hard to balance top IT issues and still focus on driving strategic initiatives. These issues and solutions are illustrated in infographic titled IT Infirmity: What's Ailing IT Departments In 2012. Notably, 48% of CIOs say their biggest challenge in 2012 is finding skilled people, a 5% increase from last year as reported by CIO Enterprise Forum.

With a portfolio including managed hosting, storage, cloud computing services and secure colocation in over 22 data centers, ViaWest delivers HA and tailored solutions. Its managed hosting platform offers hardware, OS, and database monitoring and management, providing clients customizable solutions to meet specific requirements. Flexible solutions and 24/7 support make shifting to a managed services provider a seamless transition.

"Our technical, sales and service teams are focused on not only understanding our clients' IT requirements but also their overall business objectives," states Roy Dimoff, co-founder and CEO of ViaWest. "Through our highly flexible managed services portfolio we can deliver true value to our clients - solving key business and IT issues along with helping them prepare for future growth."

ViaWest provides colocation, complex hosting, cloud and managed services to businesses of all sizes nationwide. ViaWest owns and operates 22 enterprise data center facilities in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada.