Permabit Announces Academic License for Researchers

Affiliated with educational institutions
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.06.15

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Permabit Technology Corporation announced
availability of an academic license for the Albireo Software Development
(SDK) to researchers affiliated with educational institutions.

Albireo provides a scalable, performance duplicate advisory service, a component for data optimization solutions. The ready
availability of the Albireo SDK frees researcher time to focus on other
challenges around the scalability, efficiency and performance of storage

The academic license for the Albireo SDK provides access to the
software library, API documentation, code samples, and application
notes for integration with primary, archive, and backup storage solutions. The
included integration guide provides technical advice to ensure rapid and
integration with existing projects.

"We are providing access
to the industry's leading data optimization solution to promote and support
further research and education. We are excited to hear the feedback and see
what researchers will be able to accomplish,
" said Jered Floyd, CTO
and founder of Permabit.