Spare Backup Service Launched With Sony

For purchasers of PCs, laptops and tablets
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.05.28

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Spare Backup, Inc. announced that its data backup service has been officially launched with Sony Electronics, Inc. (SEI) as part of their agreement referenced in Spare Backup's March 13, 2012 Form 8-K filing with the SEC.

Spare Backup software and cloud data protection service will now be included in SEI's bundled extended service offering to all purchasers of PCs, laptops and tablets. The bundled extended service plans will also include internet security, recovery discs, PC customization and orientation, photo book creation, and DVD conversion.

Spare Backup will receive revenue for each customer who purchases the extended plan as well as additional monthly revenue for added storage capacity and service renewals. It is anticipated that mobile security and parental controls will also be incorporated into service offerings powered by Spare Backup in the near future as contemplated in the above referenced agreement.

Commenting on the launch, Cery Perle, CEO of Spare Backup, stated: "We have spent an extensive amount of time and effort to position our company for a series of product launches with a number of our distribution partners. In that time we have greatly enhanced the capability of our software to incorporate mobile security and parental controls with our data backup to create a truly integrated cloud-like platform for users of numerous devices. We anticipate this important launch as well as a number of additional mobile launches in North America and Europe will be a turning point for Spare Backup as we begin to reap financial rewards for our effort and rapidly grow our revenue base."