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Analysis: Top 10 Storage Companies in 2011

EMC consolidates ≠1 position as revenues of all HDD makers decline

Here data storage is defined as the activity of recording and retrieving
computer data using any form of digital devices (based on magnetic,
tape, optical, non volatile solid-state – not RAM -, and subsystems)
including all associated connectivity, software and services.

For this ranking we used the companies’ financial results for their
fiscal year 2011 – not the calendar year – ending in any month of 2011.
We got official figures – no estimations – for all of them for storage
only, but for IBM and HP with IDC figures. Their annual revenues are all above $2 billion.

 Top 10 in Storage Revenues in $ million in FY11

in (mo)
 2010  2011  Y/Y
1.  EMC*  12 12,969 14,715
2.  Seagate  6  11,935 10,971 -8%
3.  WD  6  9,850  9,526  -3%
4.  IBM*&***  12  6,290  6,787  8%
5.  Hitachi GST      12   6,003   5,773    -4%
6.  SanDisk  12  4,827  5,662  17%
7.  NetApp 4  3,931  5,123  30%
8.  HP*** 10  3,785  4,056 7%
9.  HDS + Japan 3   3,710   3,883     5%
10.  Symantec** 3   2,287   2,307     1%
 TOTAL   65,587

(Compilation by StorageNewsletter)
* storage only
** based the storage and server management segment and without Huawei Symantec
  *** based on IDC figures

Since the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, this latter didn’t publish
separately its storage revenues but they are under $2 billion
for its fiscal year ending in May 2011. Dell probably merits the 11th position with $1,943 million in storage for its FY11 (-15% compared to FY10).

All Top 10 saw their sales growing significantly except all HDD manufacturers because their sales deep drastically in the last quarter of calendar 2011, entirely due to the Thailand flood.

For Hitachi, we only ranks here both wholly-owned subsidiaries Hitachi
GST and HDS (including storage systems in Japan). But the Japanese group
has two other storage activities: wholly-owned subsidiary Hitachi
Maxell in storage media and the joint venture Hitachi-LG Data Storage
with LG in optical disc drives. Maxell is at around half billion dollar
per year and HLDS is the leader in optical disc drives in the world.
Globally, storage may represent more than $10 billion for Hitachi.

For the first three positions – the same ranking since 2008 – there will be a change in 2012 with the acquisition of Hitachi GST by WD. Their combined revenues is higher than EMC and Seagate (with Samsung HDD) for the year but it’s rare that 1+1=2 when a firm buys another one. EMC has a good chance to keep its pole position, Seagate losing the second place in favor of WD.

Historically, here are the winners’ circle
                     since 1991:

   ≠1 ≠2  ≠3
 1991  IBM Adstar
 Seagate  Memorex Telex
 1992  IBM Adstar  Seagate  Conner
 1993  IBM SSD  Seagate  Conner
 1994  IBM SSD  Seagate  Quantum
 1995  Seagate  IBM SSD  Quantum
 1996  Seagate  Quantum  WD
 1997  Seagate  Quantum  Compaq
 1998  Seagate  Quantum  Compaq
 1999  Seagate  EMC  Quantum
 2000  EMC  Seagate  Maxtor
 2001  EMC  Seagate  Maxtor
 2002  Seagate  EMC  Maxtor
 2003  Seagate  EMC  Hitachi GST
 2004  EMC  Seagate  BenQ
 2005  EMC  Seagate  Hitachi GST
 2006  EMC  Seagate  Hitachi GST
 2007  EMC  Seagate  Hitachi GST
 2008  EMC  Seagate  WD
 2009  EMC  Seagate  WD
 2010  EMC  Seagate  WD
 2011  EMC  Seagate  WD

 (Source: StorageNewsletter)