Patent Issued to Geminare

System and method for providing data and application continuity
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.03.22

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Geminare, Inc., in Recovery as a Service (RaaS) enablement, announced that on March 13th, 2012 the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued it US Patent #8,135,838, System and method for providing data and application continuity in a computer system.

This patent, the first to be issued for RaaS enablement technology, signifies the importance of the cloud services model for traditional software companies facing the task of transitioning their products from on-premises software solutions into cloud-enabled services.

The patent, which represents the underlying Geminare CORE Platform, has allowed cloud services and hosting companies such as Microsoft, Long View Systems, OpSource, and others to launch cloud recovery solutions utilizing their cloud infrastructure offerings.

Simultaneously, this patented technology is also enabling software companies such as CA Technologies, Iron Mountain, LexisNexis and others to transition existing software products from single license software into cloud-based data protection offerings such as Cloud Recovery, Virtual Server Rapid Recovery and a host of others.

Market analysts and industry observers alike are calling for growth within the RaaS in 2012 as businesses allocate larger portions of their IT budget to cloud services. This growth in RaaS is led by the huge shift from onsite data protection solutions to cloud-based, fully managed solutions and is further fuelled by the massive growth of cloud storage and compute infrastructures from the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and others. These leading cloud Infrastructure providers are progressively allowing their customers to take advantage of low cost, on demand solutions to protect their critical operations.

"The issuing of this patent serves to highlight the value and significance of the Recovery as a Service marketplace and underscores the importance of the relevant work that Geminare is involved in," said Joshua Geist, Geminare's President and CEO. "The marketplace has shown us that traditional technologies and processes are no match for the substantial benefits that the cloud provides to the data protection industry, and we are thrilled to have been recognized within this vital and transformative sector."