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Amanda Enterprise integrated with Google APIs
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.03.12

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Zmanda, Inc., provider of backup solutions, announced availability of cloud backup solutions integrated with cloud storage from Google Inc.


Amanda Enterprise (AE), Zmanda's network backup product, natively supports backup of servers, desktops and applications to Google Cloud Storage.

Newly released Google Cloud Storage Option for Amanda Enterprise enables system administrators to backup their data to cloud storage. It can perform network-wide backup of heterogeneous systems, including Linux, Windows, Solaris, and OS X-based systems onto Google Cloud Storage.

Amanda Enterprise has been integrated with Google Cloud Storage using the open RESTful API provided by Google. It encapsulates each backup archive as an object and stores it on Google Cloud Storage. Backup archives are created in open formats (e.g. ZIP64 for Windows and tar for Linux). This open architecture enables businesses to store their data on the cloud with hidden costs of vendor lock-in. In addition to being able to recover their data quickly using Zmanda's intuitive recovery interface, users can browse, read or delete their data objects through Google Storage Manager.

Amanda Enterprise provides cloud backup features such as location control, bandwidth throttling, and parallel streams for backups and restores. With it, corporate compliance and rules of governance for data retention and security are managed easily. The backup environment can be managed from a single console.

"Business managers are looking for a worry-free solution for backup and disaster recovery," said Chander Kant, CEO of Zmanda. "Google's advanced storage infrastructure provides an ideal location for cloud backups."

"Google Cloud Storage provides a robust and scalable vault for storing backup files and archives. Zmanda provides open source backup software integrated with open APIs provided by Google," said Martin Buhr, head of technology partnerships for Google's cloud infrastructure offerings. "This combination is a practical and economical cloud backup solution for small and medium sized businesses."

Amanda Enterprise is an enhanced and supported version of the open source backup and recovery software. It allows users to backup, archive, and recover servers, workstations, desktops, and business-critical applications across a network. The backup data and archives can be stored on disks, tape, optical devices, or storage clouds such as Google Cloud Storage.

The Google Cloud Storage option for Amanda Enterprise is available for $250.