Storage Fusion Unveils Storage Resource Analysis Consultant Edition

Automated storage assessment SaaS solution for IT sales pros
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.03.08

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Storage Fusion Ltd., storage analytics specialist owned by Avisen plc, an AIM listed company, unveiled Storage Resource Analysis Consultant Edition (SRA CE), an automated storage assessment SaaS solution for IT sales professionals from vendors, resellers and system integrators.

It generates a new set of consultant reports, specifically designed for storage consultants. This characteristic is not available with other editions of the product, and also features a new topology view of the storage estate. Storage assessments take an average of just a couple of hours to complete.
It is a pre-sales and professional services tool; sales professionals can quickly analyse the storage estate of a prospective customer to then create a business case based on accurate metrics and statistics provided by the technology itself and not therefore prone to human error. This shortens the business case creation stage from weeks to just hours giving the user a distinct advantage of time and accuracy compared to competitors creating the report manually using traditional methods.
"SRA Consultant Edition allows IT sales professionals to become much more productive and to prepare significantly better quality business cases without the need for specialist training," said Peter White, Operations Director, at Storage Fusion. "Using SRA Consultant Edition the partner is able to offer light-touch storage assessments, audits or health checks and quickly become the trusted advisor; they normally know more about the storage infrastructure than the customer."
SRA Consultant Edition is suited to the analysis of 50TB+ datacentres as these are traditionally difficult to assess manually. Compared to traditional SRM tools, Storage Fusion's technology is not disruptive and offers immediate results, along with hig ROI. Differently to alternative solutions, It is agentless and does not require onsite hardware or software. It is subscription based and users can purchase one-off or bundles of licences. A version of the SRA service can be provided for partners running a number of assessments. Another one is that it is priced according to the size of the storage estate to be analysed, making it attractive financially.
"Because SRA Consultant Edition will be carried by vendors, system integrators and resellers around the world it gives Storage Fusion a presence in every country that we have partner relationships in," continued White. "We see this as an opportunity to secure significant growth and stronger relationships".
Since its formation in 2008, SRA has analysed over 2,500 arrays, empowering storage professionals worldwide with storage analytics, allowing them to make informed decisions about their storage resources, thereby reducing IT expenditure and improving business operations.
Endorsed by some of leading vendors, technology providers and enterprises SRA is being used for different types of projects including:

  • SAN assessments
  • Capacity planning
  • Virtualisation and thin provisioning
  • Metrics analysis and trending
  • Vendor rationalisation
  • SAN health checks
  • Internal charge-back
  • Cloud migration
  • Configuration exceptions
  • Asset tracking
  • SAN audits
  • Stage reclaim
  • Tiering
  • Data centre migration
  • Technology refreshes

SRA is developed and maintained by the company's team in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom.