Storage Efficiency and Cloud-Ready Storage Key Areas

For Infortrend
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.02.14

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Infortrend Corporation announced its vision for 2012, identifying storage efficiency and cloud-ready storage as key focus areas and highlighting the adoption of upgraded hardware platforms to strengthen its product line-up.
The market is seeing an increasing emphasis on efficiency, with organisations demanding more of their systems in terms of utilisation levels, durability and flexibility. Particularly in the current economic climate, higher efficiency is identified by organisations as an important tool to increase storage ROI and satisfy IT requirements in a cost-effective manner. Examples of features that enhance efficiency and are available on Infortrend solutions include data deduplication and automated storage tiering. These and other features will play an important role in enabling storage efficiency to keep up with customer requirements.
In addition, cloud computing continues to gain market momentum. To enable cloud services, data storage solutions must be equipped with a number of features, including flexibility, centralised management, competitive costs, and the ability to minimise datacentre footprints. With diverse connectivity, form factor and scalability options, as well as easy-to-use management software, attractive price points and high-density solutions, Infortrend solutions are ideally positioned to meet these requirements and are ready for the next wave of cloud adoption.
To keep up with performance demand, upgraded hardware platforms are being launched in Infortrend's ESVA and EonStor DS families in 2012. EonStor DS G7 solutions were recently launched, offering throughput of up to 5,500 MB/s Read and up to 3,000 MB/s Write and supporting up to 700K Read IOPS. Currently available in FC configurations, SAS host connectivity will also be added to the EonStor DS G7 solutions.
ESVA, mid-range product line-up, will also be equipped with new hardware platforms in 2012 to push performance to higher levels, with the first batch of new models expected to be rolled out in mid-2012.
NAS product family, EonNAS, continues to evolve further in the SOHO, SMB and mid-range market segments. The recently launched EonNAS Pro and 1000 Series, catering to the needs of SOHO users and SMBs, offer tower and rackmount solutions that optimise file sharing, IP SAN applications and data backup. An set of functions on these solutions introduce enterprise technologies, such as deduplication and ZFS, into the entry-level market.
The EonNAS 3000 Series will add more connectivity options including 10GbE and 8Gb/s FC and further scalability to enable SMBs and enterprise departments to flexibly and easily meet business growth. Furthermore, in 2012 a new set of product models are being introduced in the EonNAS 5000 Series, designed for mid-range environments, to replace the existing EonNAS 5100N system. The EonNAS 5000 Series will be a step above EonNAS 3000, offering HA design and greater scalability.
Thomas Kao, senior director of product planning at Infortrend, said: "In 2012, we will meet new challenges in the data storage market with a combination of design enhancements aimed at specific trends such as efficiency and cloud, and hardware platform upgrades that will offer customers the raw power required to deal with ever increasing demands on their datacentre infrastructures. By adopting a multi-dimensional approach to product development, we aim to comprehensively ensure customer satisfaction, our top priority."