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Permabit Technology Corporation announced an OEM partnership with StoneFly Inc.
StoneFly will embed Permabit's Albireo Data Optimization Software into upcoming technology solutions.

StoneFly selected Albireo based on the following features:

  • Performance - Albireo provides over 400 GB/sec deduplication throughput, resulting in no impact on overall system performance.
  • Efficiency - Data reduction rates achieved are as high as 35X, allowing for efficient storage of data.
  • Scalability - Albireo's petabyte scalability can meet the storage demands of even the largest of deployments.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) - The flexible and easy-to-use SDK will rapidly reduce the time to market delivering data optimized solutions.

"Our customers are asking us to deliver solutions that can more cost effectively deal with the data deluge they're experiencing," said Mo Tahmasebi, President/CEO of Stonefly. "Data optimization technology, such as deduplication, is what we were looking to add to our offerings and Permabit, with Albireo, delivers exactly what we were looking for allowing us to rapidly increase our time to market."
"StoneFly is an innovator in iSCSI storage systems. Together with Permabit Albireo, their storage leads the way in efficiency for cloud deployments," said Tom Cook, president and chief executive officer, Permabit.

Permabit's partners include HDS, LSI, StoneFly, and Overland Storage.