Telecoms Provider Swisscom Has Selected Diino

For online backup service (100GB for €89 per year) on EMC Atmos
This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.02.08

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Diino Systems AB has developed and delivered a platform for a Personal Cloud Solution, launched by Swisscom AG, telecom provider in Switzerland.


The solution, which will be managed and operated by Swisscom, consists of backend applications and client software as well as management and support tools. This is the first commercial application within Swisscom's Personal Cloud Solution; the service is targeted at residential customers and offers a way to backup important data into the cloud using data centers managed by Swisscom.
"We have worked closely with Diino to develop our Personal Cloud Solution and in particular we have appreciated the flexibility of the Diino Platform, allowing the service to be fully implemented within the Swisscom network thereby ensuring the security and integrity our customers expect from us when storing their valuable data in the cloud," commented Andreas Martschitsch, Head of Digital Home Services at Swisscom.
"We are happy and proud to be able to assist Swisscom in providing user friendly, secure and leading edge services within their Personal Cloud Solution," says Jan Nilsson, CEO at Diino. "By hosting and managing the service within Swisscom's own infrastructure, Swisscom can leverage all the competitive advantages which result from operating a state of the art network."
Diino's platform solutions enable large organizations with substantial customer bases to deliver superior and cost efficient online storage and back-up services while retaining control of the service offering as well as how and where the customers' data is stored. Diino's solutions are hardware agnostic, but in the particular case of Swisscom, the platform is implemented on an EMC Atmos storage system.