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IP of InPhase for Sale

After Chapter 11

Signal Lake Management LLC, majority shareholder in InPhase Technologies, Inc., in holographic digital storage, has retained Drakes Bay Company LLC, an IP brokerage firm, to sell or license its IP portfolio.

InPhase was founded in 2000 as a Bell Labs spin out and filed for Chapter 11 restructuring with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Colorado in October, 2011.

InPhase owns a large IP portfolio related to holographic digital storage media, drives, and systems. The portfolio includes more than 200 U.S. and foreign patents and applications, benefits from early priority dates, and is cited by more than 650 patents in the U.S. 

Market applications for holography include security, displays, and storage, among others. Prior InPhase patent licensees include Hitachi Maxell, Bayer Material Sciences, and Nichia. InPhase joint ventures partners have included Bayer, Hitachi, and Nintendo.

"Signal Lake has retained Drakes Bay Company to monetize the InPhase Technologies IP portfolio because of their successful track record, broad network, and management expertise," said Bart Stuck, managing director, Signal Lake. "We believe they will help us unlock the significant value that our portfolio has in holographic technology markets. "

"We are very pleased to be selected by InPhase shareholder Signal Lake to assist in this monetization process," said Joseph W. Jennings, president, Drakes Bay Company LLC. "We will begin marketing the InPhase patents in February, 2012."