Green Platform Announces Vibration Management System

For beta testing
This is a Press Release edited by on 2011.12.05

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Green Platform Corporation announced the availability of its (VMS) Vibration Management System for beta testing in Big Data environments.

                                   Cost Savings -  Customer Study

GPC estimates that Data Centers spend over $5 billion annually to compensate for the 'Vibration Penalty.' VMS allows storage users to get more performance from their equipment and avoid buying additional storage and energy by diagnosing, remediating, and managing performance killing vibration.

GPC seeks beta test candidates with applications that require performance but cannot use cache/SSD due to the very large size of data.

The Problem Solved
Vibration degrades disk performance, energy efficiency, and is a difficult problem to remediate because it is variable, complex, and unavoidable. Vibration is particularly detrimental to the performance and efficiency of Big Data applications that rely on the native performance of hard disk drives. Analysis of large amounts of data has always been a time consuming challenge. The growth of machine generated data from sensors, video, audio and simulations, etc. provides the opportunity to explore more areas of interest. But the large files generated (from GBs to PBs) of unstructured content are not well suited for caching and running SSD. As a result, the native performance of the disk drive becomes a top factor in determining the time needed to complete each analysis.