Exablox, Californian Start-Up in Stealth Mode

Apparently preparing an archiving appliance with new file system
This is a Press Release edited by on 2011.10.24

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Exablox, formerly Oneblox, is a privately-held venture-backed computing company incorporated in 2010 and based in Mountain View, CA.

It raised $1,000 in August 2010 and $2 million in May 2011.

You will find about nothing on its current web site but this sentence: "At Exablox, we've got some of the brightest minds in storage working on the data management pain points faced by millions of business users. With Exablox, you will take a clean sheet approach to solving some of the most challenging problems in the industry, and best of all, you'll have fun!".
"We're building storage appliances for SOHO and SMB users that provide archival quality primary storage," wrote Tad Hunt on StorageMojo. "We're writing a new file system that is far more robust than even ZFS, with end-to-end integrity checking and disk scrubbing designed to catch and recover from corruption. It will be packaged into beautifully engineered, quiet and low power appliances. Just plug it in, and we take care of the rest."

"For the user, we add the ability to set policies to indicate the level of protection desired. The level is tunable anywhere from 'immutable, scrubbed often, and replicated to multiple spindles, multiple boxes, multiple off-site locations, and into cloud storage providers', to 'I don't care at all about this data, don't bother with any special protection'", he added.

Main known executives are:

  • Douglas Brockett, CEO, formerly VP and GM at SonicWALL
  • Tad Hunt, co-founder and CTO, a former software engineer at Bell Labs Lucent Technologies who was most recently consultant at Cortina Systems and principal engineer at Ericsson
  • Frank Barrus, co-founder and chief architect after being senior software engineer at Sun
  • Ramesh Iyer Balan, VP engineering, previously senior director, software engineering, at Data Domain

The start-up is currently recruiting several software engineers.