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Bacula Systems Closing $5 Million in Funding

To deliver open source enterprise backup and restore

Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, Bacula Systems SA has completed its CHF 4.5 million (over US$5 million) fund-raising.

The funding has been raised from a syndicate assembled by KM Capital Partners and from the Swiss Canton of Vaud, through its Economic Development arm, DEV.

The funds will accelerate the company’s software development program, and further grow its sales and channels services to provide more support to its business partners.

"I am proud that the Bacula open source project has achieved over 1.5 million downloads since its conception in 2002", said Bacula’s author, Bacula Systems’ Founder and CEO, Kern Sibbald, "Bacula Systems is poised to extend its lead in the commercial open source
backup and restore space through a series of releases of new, value-add technologies and plugins that complement its highly scalable, network backup and restore solution

Bacula Systems also announced the appointment of Aristide Carracio as its new Director of Sales and Marketing, and Stéphane Schweizer, as its EMEA Sales and Marketing Manager.

By eliminating both vendor lock-in and license fees, Bacula Enterprise Edition reduces costs and offers a lower total cost of ownership than proprietary vendors. Immediately upon the deployment of Bacula Enterprise Edition, Bacula Systems clients worldwide have found that modernizing their backup and restore technology produces measurable increases in network efficiency, data protection levels and up to 70% reduction in costs.

With recent deployments in large hosting providers, banks and telecommunications companies, and the high-end specification of its backup and restoration enterprise software, Bacula Systems’ commercial open source alternative is emerging as a solution for large data centers that need to reduce IT costs.