Floppy Disk is Back

To create bags!
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2010.10.20

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The ever changing world of fashion has been introduced to a totally new fashion concept ... the rebirth of the 3 inch floppy disk. 3 inch floppy ltd is a UK based business that creates bags uniquely made from floppy disks.


Armed with a sharp eye for fashion mingled with a passion for business, an idea to create something stylish and a little out of the ordinary was conceived. After toying with mouse mats, fiddled with USBs and tinkered with keyboards, Dillan Shikotra stumbled across the floppy disk. The moment his eyes met with its hard dark exterior, he knew he had rediscovered a thing of beauty. As he ran his fingers across its smooth centre, he felt an overwhelming urge to reinvent the 3 inch floppy and to unveil it to the world once again in a whole new ensemble. has three ranges: Classic, Custom and Urban. The Classic range utilises black disks with a black strap, whereas the Custom Range allows the customer to choose a strap and fastener colour. The Urban Range is of particular interest as each bag is a unique creation by the designers at 3 inch floppy ltd, incorporating multi coloured disks, ensuring no two bags are the same. We wanted to create a range of bags here in the UK that appeal to all with both function and style in mind comments Dillan Shikotra.