100 Financial Services Firms Utilize Backup My Info!

To safeguard business data
This is a Press Release edited by on 2010.08.30

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Backup My Info!, Inc. (BUMI), provider of online backup for small to mid-sized businesses, announced that more than 100 financial services firms are utilizing BUMI for off-site backup, disaster recovery and compliance initiatives. Financial services firms are increasingly leveraging BUMI as a trusted solution to proactively manage and secure their business-critical data.

"In our industry, it's mandatory to have a disaster recovery solution," explained Danielle Hughes, founder and CEO of Divine Capital Markets LLC, a boutique institutional brokerage firm specializing in trading, research and investment banking. "Data protection is critical to our business but not core to our focus. BUMI’s specialization in online data backup combined with its active monitoring capabilities ensures our backups are performed as scheduled, allowing us to focus on our core business, and most importantly, the needs of clients."

Headquartered in the center of Wall Street, BUMI is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of financial services firms. Current clients include JF Capital Advisors, Bulldog Investors, Geller Group, LLC and Kettlehill Capital Management LLC.

Supporting all major operating systems, BUMI provides an automated off-site data backup and recovery service. With data protection and reliability a prime concern for financial services firms, BUMI has built several layers of security into its online backup solution. Data is encrypted at the point it leaves a customer site and remains encrypted at all times. Additionally, BUMI’s senior engineers continuously monitor backup processes to ensure customer data is properly safeguarded and proactively follow up if they identify any errors or problems. From a disaster recovery and business continuity perspective, all off-site backups are stored in SAS70 Type II data centers located in Canada.

"Financial services firms increasingly rely on their business-critical data to manage their operations and serve the needs of clients," explained Jennifer Walzer, CEO at Backup My Info!, Inc. "Our secure, off-site backup and restore service not only provides peace of mind for business continuity purposes, but also includes audit trail capabilities to help organizations adhere to their own compliance needs."