Dr. Mark Campbell COO of Unitrends

Former CTO of the D2D company
This is a Press Release edited by on 2010.01.22

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Unitrends announced that Dr. Mark Campbell has been promoted to chief operating officer of the company and has been appointed to its board of directors. Campbell is a technology industry veteran with many years of management successes at both venture-based and global 1,000 companies.

As chief technology officer, Campbell worked with a team of people to significantly improve the capabilities of our product,” said Sameer Kamat, director of engineering, Unitrends.
Maria Ellison, senior vice president of support, added: “His work in the operational aspects of the company began long before this appointment. I’m pleased he has been assigned this role.”

Prior to being promoted at Unitrends as chief operating officer, Campbell served as the chief technology officer of the company. Before his time with Unitrends, Campbell led the startup consulting firm mindAmp and has held executive positions at Legent, AT&T, and NCR.

He is a graduate of International Business Program at INSEAD (France) and earned his Ph.D., Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of South Carolina.
I’m pleased with the acceleration Unitrends has been making within the data protection and backup industry,” said Campbell. “Adding industry veterans such as Mike Coney (CEO), Russ Holt (senior vice president, business development), and George Eisenhower (director, manufacturing and realization) in the last few months to the impressive staff of leaders at the company such as Ellison, Kamat, Tim Wallick (chief administrative officer), and others at the company has created what can be a world-class leadership team. I’m excited to be a part of this team going forward.