A Secret Storage Start-Up: ActiFio

Storage veteran Ash Ashutosh involved in the company
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2009.06.11

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Always interested by new start-ups, storage expert Philippe Nicolas give us the name of this new one: ActiFio.

Its Web site contains only one page with the the following words:” If you are driven by the passion to make a mark in the storage industry, join the team that has a track record of market successes over the last two decades. (…) ActiFio is delivering a paradigm shift in the complexity and cost of IT storage ecosystem.

We only learned that the company was a member of  the SNIA Forms Cloud Storage Technical Work Group. That’s already an indication.

Ash Ashutosh

Nicolas discovered that the guy behind the start-up was storage veteran Ash Ashutosh, current partner at Greylock and board member of Delphix, a company developing innovative database management solutions with backers including Greylock. He is also a charter member of TiE Boston.

But Ashutosh is mostly known as being recently VP and chief technologist for the StorageWorks storage business unit at HP that he joined in 2005 with the acquisition of SRM start-up AppiQ where he was founder, CTO and CEO. Before that, he was senior VP of defunct StorageNetworks.