Around 120 Storage Exhibitors at CeBIT 2009

A list of their booths to help you to visit the coming German show on March 3-8
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2009.02.28

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It’s not easy to select the storage booths only using the CeBIT’s catalog. That’s the reason we did it for you.

We have found 116 exhibitors that are going to present storage hardware,
software or services this year, against 142 in 2008, 153 in 2007 and a
record 236 in 1999. This lower figure can be explained by three reasons:

  • 1/ The crisis
  • 2/ CeBIT is more and more a show for CE products and less and
    less an IT professional exhibition; consequently, computer giants are
    reluctant to continue to invest in this exhibition.
  • 3/ These
    last years, there was a lot of recordable optical disc or flash keys manufacturers,
    mainly from Asia. But these markets are less attractive or too competitive. A lot of
    them disappeared and many of the surviving companies remained
    at home.
    Maybe some of them want also to avoid this time to see the German police investigating their booth for infringing patent licensing.

To name a few of the missing storage companies at the coming show,
compared to 2008: big ones like EMC, Cisco, LG, Philips, Sony or SanDisk, but also AMCC, Arkeia, BlueArc, Ciprico, CMC, Iomega, LaserCard, Lead Data, Overland, Plasmon, and Texas Memory.

The huge Hall 1 will be closed, as last year, and a lot of storage companies will be exhibiting in Hall 2 this year.

In the alphabetic list below, some companies do not have their own booth but are hosted by one of their distributors. This is not a definitive list as we generally discover new storage actors during our visit of the show.


(and then hall and booth number)
(updated March 2, 2009)


A-Data    21    e56
A-Tec    19    f55
Aberdeen    2    f40
Acronis    2    e48
Adaptec    2    f40
Areca Technology    2    f40
Arena-Matronix    2    f40
Argosy    21    f72
Artec    2    a38
Assmann    12    c69
ATP Electronics    21    b71
Atto    2    F40
Avnet    3    c39
Barracuda Networks    11    b50
Bell Microproducts    2    a20
Blancco    11    a23
Brocade    2    a10/a20
Buffalo    25    d40
Chelsio    2    f40
China Great Wall Computer    19    b01
CommVault    2    a3 0
Comparex    2    d20
CoreSolid Storage    19    d64/1
Cristie Data    2    d32
Data Domain    2    a30
DataCore    4    b04
Dell    4    a26
Digital Storage    21    b42
Double-Take Software    2    a36

Enigma    15    f36
European IT Storage    2    f40
Extreme Networks    12    a26
FalconStor    2    b27
Fujifilm    25    d40
Fujitsu Siemens    4    a04
GID    15    d34
gingcom (BDT)    2    b33/2
Hewlett-Packard    3    e66
Hitachi    8    b02
Hitachi Data Systems    2    a20
HMK Computer    2    b35
Holografika    3    b51
IBM    2    a10
IBM    8    b02
IEI Technology    19    g44
Incom Storage    2    e40
Infortrend    2    a28
Iron Mountain    2    c48
Isilon    2    a30
iTernity   3   b23

Kodak    3    b29
Kroll Ontrack    11    a50
Linksys    25     d40/f100
LSK Data Systems    2    f51
Magic Control    19    e43
Magirus    2    a30
Mapower    21    a73
Microform    3    b55
Microsoft    4    a26
Mindtime Backup    2    a27
NEC    13    d53
NetApp    2    f31
Netgear    13    c58
Nidec Sankyo    17    c02
Noon Technology    21    b35
Novastor    2    d44
NTI    6    g28/1
Nvidia    21    e07
Ontrack Data    11    a50/12

Patriot Memory    21    c06
PCMCIA    21    b72
Pegasus    2    f40
PetaStor    2    f40
PGP    11    b38
PineApp    11    c57
Platinet    20    d39
Plextor    21    b47
Point Software    2    d40
Portwell    12    d70
PQI    21    d88
Precept    6    g28/1
Pretec    21    d83
Primera    2    c43
Princeton Technology    21    d82
Promise Technology    2    b40
Proware    2    a35
Pyramid Computer    11    b04
Qnap    19    d13
Qualstar    2    f40
Raidon    21    f71
Raidsonic Technology    19    b56
Reddoxx    2    b33
Rimage    2    c42
Riverbed    13    d13/1
Rocstor (Rocsecure)    2    b29/1
Samsung    4    a04
Samsung    11    d40
Secude-IT    11    a36
Shenzhen Kaifa    20    d26
SmApper    2    c48
Sony    2    e40
Starline    2    f40
SteeEye    6    e46 
StorageCraft    2    a31
Sun Microsystems    8    b02
Super Micro Computer    21    b72
Super Talent    21    c61
Symantec    25    l126
Syncsort    2    d38
Synology    2    e43

Tandberg Data    25    f128
TEAC    2    d50
Thecus    13    d85
Toshiba    8    b02
Transcend    26    b60
Transtec    p33
UmeDisc    21    a72
Verbatim    25    f121
Vinpower    21    b40
VWmare    2    a30
Zycko    2    a20
Zyxel    13    c70