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Aggregate Media and Kabooza to Invest $1 Million

To market online backup service
This is a Press Release edited by on 2009.02.17

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Swedish companies Aggregate Media AB and Kabooza AB agree to invest 7M SEK (approx 1M USD) to market a simple online backup with unlimited storage for your personal files and photos.

Kabooza has produced a simple automatic solution for keeping your files and pictures on your computer safe and available wherever you happen to be. Kabooza is a safe storage-place where its customers can be sure they have their memories available for the future.

There are hundreds of millions of laptop and digital camera users today around the world. A growing number of these have realised that key moments of their lives have been lost. When the loss comes it is often devastating for the ones who can not get their files or pictures back. Weddings, fantastic holidays, great parties, their child’s first moments are all unique and priceless. Kaboozas’ goal is for lost memories to be a thing of the past.

Combining the best of easy mirrored online backup solutions with great sharing tools Kabooza aims at being an enhanced substitute to an external hard drive that many users are opting for today. Compared to an external hard drive Kabooza has the advantages of online accessibility, higher security, higher capacity, and greater simplicity.

Once installed Kabooza will identify your files and pictures folder and start protecting it to an online secure storage. No complicated settings and 1-Click access to you online storage.

Kabooza is currently available for Windows XP and Vista.

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Price is $49.95 per year for the online backup service.