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Backup Software LiteSpeed From Quest for SQL Server 2008

With compression and new GUI
This is a Press Release edited by on 2008.09.22

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Quest Software, Inc. is celebrating the release of SQL Server 2008 with major updates to its product line. Topping the list is Quest's industry-leading backup and recovery product, LiteSpeed, which features a completely overhauled interface, along with categorization and analysis capabilities that are essential in today's large environments. Next, Spotlight offers new levels of visibility into complex performance problems, with customizable reports that provide nearly limitless insight into performance data. Lastly, new releases of Capacity Manager, Change Director and Toad for SQL Server together provide unparalleled levels of efficiency, administrative control and automation.


"In my role, ensuring the performance and reliability of my databases is the most critical of my responsibilities," said Tom Sager, DBA manager for E.ON US, a Kentucky-based diversified energy services company. "One of the fundamental reasons we selected Quest Software as our SQL Server tools vendor is because we can always count on Quest, not only to provide products that surpass our requirements, but also because the level of service and support we can expect is unparalleled in the industry."

The release of LiteSpeed for SQL Server 5.0 marks a considerable advancement in SQL Server backup and recovery. LiteSpeed 5.0 leverages a low-impact, high-performance compression technology that allows developers to reduce storage costs while maintaining complete control over the backup and recovery process. With a new graphical user interface (GUI) designed to simplify backup and recovery management, DBAs are now able to customize operations to suit their own unique requirements.

"We've been a satisfied user of LiteSpeed for several years, but LiteSpeed 5.0 surpasses our expectations, improving the performance, reliability and efficiency of our backup and recovery operations," continued Sager. "We are excited about the other enhancements to the toolset, as well. Together, these five products simplify the day-to-day work flow and improve diagnostics, analysis and reporting capabilities."

Additional product upgrades include:

  • Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 2.5 - With more than 30 customizable performance reports, offers the ability to complete cross-server drill-downs and perform wait state analysis, enabling increased visibility and intelligence on which queries are waiting and why
  • Capacity Manager for SQL Server 2.6 - Allows identification of SQL Server performance problems, providing graphical charts for CPU utilization, server processor queue length, instance memory usage, disk I/O rates, etc.
  • Change Director for SQL Server 2.0 - Enables granular object comparisons, as well as a history of schema changes and the ability to retain data from dropping tables
  • Toad for SQL Server 4.0 - Features enhanced editing capabilities, and a new GUI to help SQL Server users move comfortably between native tools and Toad

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