WW Works Chooses Robobak

"Sending EMC's backup software 'Mozy-ing' into the sunset", said ROBOBAK
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He may only be a small businessman, working with small- to medium-sized businesses, but Wade Weppler knows a large headache when he gets it.  And he was getting them on a regular basis, because of his provider of online backup services.
Weppler runs WW Works, Inc., a managed services provider, located 45 minutes southwest of Toronto. He began including online backup in his suite of services to his clients, and signed up with Mozy, an online service owned by EMC; he said he chose Mozy as a way of keeping his support costs to a minimum.

But while Weppler says Mozy did a decent job of backing up desktop computers, he said trying to get it to back up servers quickly became a nightmare. “We had issues with the software and reliability,” he said. “The Mozy software would consistently hang during server backups. So when we needed to recover data, we were never sure if the backup had been done.”  Weppler says even when the backups were completed, Mozy’s cumbersome interface and slow response time meant “finding the file took forever.”

So, Weppler began searching for a replacement for Mozy, and with the help of a top executive at Asigra, a ROBOBAK competitor, found ROBOBAK’s Version 8 Data Protection Suite software. Weppler quickly grew to appreciate Version 8’s ability to natively handle backups of Exchange and SQL Server, as well as its agentless installation. “It saves us incredible amounts of time, when you consider that every one of our clients is, in essence, a remote or branch office to us.  ROBOBAK’s ability to install at a location in as little as 15 minutes is perfect for a company like ours,” he noted.

Big firms with large amounts of marketing dollars, like Mozy, may get the headlines; ROBOBAK’s performance repeatedly proves itself when going up against those firms,” said Ron Roberts, ROBOBAK’s president and chief executive officer. He also noted that ROBOBAK’s combination of features and pricing makes it competitive with even the largest online backup firms, such as Symantec’s
Weppler said that combination is important to him, especially as WW Works continues to grow. He added that ROBOBAK’s capacity-based pricing allows him to scale easily, without the usual headaches of other backup products that charge by seats or sites. “ROBOBAK has proven its value for the money,” he said. “We’ve found it to be less expensive on a per-gigabyte basis than Mozy. That’s more than just a cost comparison; we have found that ROBOBAK delivers true worth.”

ROBOBAK Version 8 Data Protection Suite software is available in the Standard and Enterprise editions for larger firms.

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