Hard Drive Destroyer From Verity

€4,094, 15s for each HDD destruction
This is a Press Release edited by on 2008.06.19

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Verity Systems, developer and manufacturer of degaussers and bulk tape erasers, announced the launch of the VS7000 Hard Drive Destroyer designed to physically destroy computer hard drives and prevent thieves gaining access to a company's sensitive information.


The VS7000 Hard Drive Destroyer is a manually operated unit, designed for the destruction of all standard hard drives and laptop drives and is specifically designed for emergency situations when electricity may not be available and quick destruction is a must.

The VS7000 takes less than 15 seconds to destroy each hard drive. Operators simply insert the hard drive into the slot and crank the handle 8 rotations. Because the VS7000 requires a minimal amount of manual power, it is extremely operator friendly. The internal workings of the unit press down on the drive, bending it approximately 90 degrees. The bend will render the hard drive useless by bending the platter, damaging the heads, the motor and the circuit board, making it impossible to recover the data. A standard ratcheting feature is also included to make it even easier to destroy unusually hard to break drives or if a high quantity of drives need to be processed.

The proper disposal of technology and obsolete hardware is a growing global concern.” explains Verity Systems sales manager Andy Page. “The only sure way to make sure your hard drive’s data won’t get into the wrong hands is to physically destroy the drive and the VS7000 offers visible proof that the hard drive is destroyed.

This small, transportable yet heavy-duty hard drive destroyer is maintenance free and completely self-contained. In commercial applications, the VS7000 is an inexpensive alternative to expensive power destroyers and shredders.

The VS7000 Hard Drive Destroyer costs just £2,967 / €4,094 (MSRP) and is available through Verity Systems’ authorised partners and resellers throughout the world.