All Companies in All-Flash Subsystems

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By Jean-Jacques Maleval on 2012.12.24

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Below are all known companies offering storage subsystems with SSDs only.

We don't include firms manufacturing hybrid units with SSDs and/or HDDs, only purposed-built flash arrays.

All of them are headquartered in USA but Fujitsu in Japan, Sihua in China, Huawei in China, AccelStor, Infortrend and Innodisk in Taiwan, Boston Limited in UK, Syneto in Italy, EUROstor and Rausch Netzwerktechnik in Germany, and 2CRSI in France and USA. The first one historically was probably SeaChange International for a media server.

Some storage names are missing but they will be obliged to enter into this new technology able to answer to the speed needed by critical applications (database, HPC, big data analysis, etc.)

2CRSI (France and USA)
AccelStor (Taiwan)
Arkologic (USA)
American Megatrends (USA)
Astute Networks (USA)
Atlantis Computing (USA)
Avalanche Technology (USA)
Boston Limited (UK)
CacheIO (USA)
CloudByte (USA)
Dell (USA)
EasyCo/WildFire Storage (USA)
EchoStream Innovative Solutions (USA)
Enmotus (USA)
EUROstor (Germany)
Fujitsu (Japan)
GreenBytes (USA)
Hewlett-Packard (USA)
Hitachi Data Systems (USA)
Huawei Tehnologies (China)
IBM/Texas Memory Systems (USA)
Infortrend Technology (Taiwan)
Innodisk (Taiwan)
iXsystems (USA)
JBOD Storage Solutions (USA)
JDV Solutions (USA)
Kaminario (USA)
Lucid Technology (USA)
Mangstor (USA)
NetApp (USA)
NexGen Storage (USA)
Nimbus Data Systems (USA)
Nutanix (USA)
One Stop Systems (USA)
Oracle (USA)
Pure Storage (USA)
Rausch Netzwerktechnik (Germany)
Scalable Informatics (USA)
SeaChange International (USA)
Shannon Systems  (acquired by Silicon Motion Technology) (China)
Sihua Technologies (USA, China)
Silicon Graphics International/Starboard Storage Systems (USA)
Skyera (USA)
Solid Access (USA)
SolidFire (USA)
StorageQuest (USA)
Syneto (Italy)
Tegile Systems (USA)
Tintri (USA)
Violin Memory/GridIron Systems (USA)
Virident Systems
X-IO Technologies (USA)

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