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At its SolveForward 2012, CommVault Systems, Inc. unveils Singular Information Management innovations that empower Simpana software customers to lower data management costs, reduce business and compliance risks and extract data for better decision making with anywhere, anytime information access.


These include:

  • New Simpana OnePass capability slashes the combined time typically required to backup, archive and report by more than 50 percent over traditional methods with the converged backup, archive and reporting process designed to protect, manage and access data on systems that have become 'too big'.
  • Simpana SnapProtect technology now delivers a broad hardware snapshot integration, providing customers with SAN investment protection and choice, eliminating the backup window, accelerating recovery and reducing costs.
  • Simpana software enhancements accelerate virtual server adoption further by helping organizations better manage, protect and scale virtual machines across their enterprises and into the cloud.
  • New Simpana Edge Protection protects data on laptops and desktops with embedded source deduplication for efficiency. End users now have flexibility to search, access and perform self-service recovery through any Windows, iOS and/or Android device.
  • New Simpana 9 integration with Microsoft SharePoint improves application performance, capacity utilization and shrinks backup windows.

Businesses face greater complexity and risk, especially as data continues to double every two years. This unabated data surge creates business, IT and economic challenges that are compounded by an influx of mobile computing devices, driving more business-critical data to the edge and to the cloud.

According to Dave Russell, research vice president, Storage Technologies and Strategies, "more than two thirds of all organizational data resides outside the data center and the majority of that is unprotected by IT."

Built on Simpana software's singular platform, CommVault's advancements are highlighted by a converged backup, archive and reporting solution for Big Data management; array snapshot integration; next-generation virtual machine protection; new mobile worker protection; and optimized SharePoint data management.

With these modern innovations, IT organizations can adapt to the changing demands of their businesses, meet rising recovery service levels, and increase protection and management of data center, virtualized, edge and cloud computing environments.

N. Robert Hammer, CommVault's chairman, president and CEO, said: "Today's global businesses are governed by two key drivers: unprecedented rates of data growth and the increasing need for instant data access to cost effectively extract data for timelier, more informed decision-making. Traditional data backup methods are being replaced as customers demand better ways to protect, manage and access data in order to derive greater value from this information. With our latest Simpana software innovations, CommVault continues to lead the industry in helping businesses move rapidly toward more efficient, self-service infrastructures, while redefining how data is managed to increase its ultimate business value. Today's announcement reinforces our innovation lead, further setting us apart as the standard in modern data and information management."

Protect, Manage and Access Big Data
with OnePass

According to Gartner Inc., in 2011 traditional content types, including simple unstructured user data, are seeing growth rates of up to 80 percent year over year. This unrelenting growth is a major force driving the era of big data. There simply isn't enough time, resources or budget to manage, protect, index and retain massive amounts of unstructured data using legacy methods and tools.

OnePass converges backup, archive, analytics and deduplication into a single process reducing combined operations time more than 50 percent compared to traditional methods. From a single data collection, information is copied, indexed and stored in Simpana ContentStore, an intelligent, virtual repository that provides a and scalable foundation for eDiscovery, data mining, retention and more.

Additionally, data analytics and reporting can be performed from the index to help classify data and implement archive policies for data tiering to lower cost media, thereby further reducing total cost of ownership.

OnePass capability enables customers to:

  • Lower Costs - One, integrated product reduces infrastructure demands, operational costs and administrative burden associated with siloed backup, archive, reporting and deduplication tools.
  • Simplify Management - Consolidating management and policies into a single console maximizes IT productivity and reduces overall support costs.
  • Collapse the Backup Window - By moving data once, redundant backup, archive and reporting processes are eliminated from the backup window. Integrated source-side deduplication combined with deduplication-aware synthetic full backups remove the majority of the workload impact on production systems.
  • Report and Analyze - File analytics provide insight into data types, classification, trends and metrics about the data under management.

OnePass policies now extend coverage for scale-out file systems including Dell Lustre HPC and HP X9000 Network Storage System to combine protection, retention and management for big data solutions.

Value of Hardware Snapshots
Users are increasingly employing snapshot and replication tools to fix broken backup windows, complex recovery processes and limited infrastructure resources. However, they often face new challenges caused by the relatively high cost of primary storage, lack of a centralized catalog and the need for complex scripting to move snapshot data to lower cost storage media.

SnapProtect technology unlocks the value of snapshot and replication techniques through automated policy management that eliminates scripting, while providing a centralized console for managing multiple-vendor SAN arrays. Also, SnapProtect technology catalogs snapshot data to enable granular recovery while automating the movement of deduplicated data to lower cost storage media for long-term retention.

With array integration and its new IntelliSnap Connect Program, CommVault's support for disk-based snapshot management includes integration with Dell Compellent, EqualLogic and MD arrays; EMC's DMX, VMAX and VNX platforms; Hitachi Data Systems' VSP, USPv and AMS; HP's EVA and 3PAR arrays; IBM's XIV and SVC; and storage arrays from NetApp, including recently acquired LSI storage arrays.

Deeper integration with NetApp provides end-to-end automation across snapshot, provisioning and replication storage architectures to eliminate the backup window while simplifying recovery and protection for applications.

SnapProtect integration with Simpana replication software enables disaster recovery for applications running on non-snapshot supported storage.

Accelerate Migration to Virtualization
Organizations are scaling their virtualization efforts to achieve more flexible, agile applications and services. However, they often grapple with data protection limitations that inhibit scale, increase risk and add complexity.

Enhancements to Simpana Virtual Server Protection
remove these roadblocks, including:

  • New Reference Architectures Accelerate Application Migration - Leveraging SnapProtect for virtual server protection, new scalable reference architectures for virtual infrastructure building blocks on NetApp storage deliver massively scalable data protection for large VM deployments.
  • New Self-Service Restores Increase Agility - New self-service recovery options for VMware simplify restore operations in multi-tenant environments to free IT resources for more strategic projects. A vCenter plugin enables VM admins to restore files directly from the vCenter console to lower management costs. A web-based restore console enables admins and users to restore their own data, skipping the low-level helpdesk calls.
  • New VirtualizeMe P2V Automated DR Testing Reduces Risk - By leveraging the encapsulation and portability features built into the virtual platform, Simpana software users can simplify and accelerate their DR test processes by performing a 'Virtualize Me' automated virtual recovery.

Protect and Empower the Mobile Worker
Data at the edge has quickly become as important to an organization as data that resides on servers in the data center, but too often is left unprotected and undiscoverable. Simpana 9 introduces a set of capabilities for protecting, recovering, accessing and discovering the information stored at the edge of the enterprise.

CommVault's new Edge Data Protection solution delivers centralized protection for thousands of Windows, Mac and Linux systems, including self-service backup and recovery to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Integrated content indexing centralizes discovery of edge data that resides in the datacenter or cloud storage to lower risk and eDiscovery costs.

A new mobile app available on iOS and Android enhances mobile worker productivity for search, access and recovery of data stored on laptops and desktops.

Optimize SharePoint Management
SharePoint is one of the fastest growing applications in Microsoft's history. With Simpana 9, organizations can manage growing SharePoint deployments across their enterprises, without impacting business risk and productivity.

Simpana archiving with BLOB (binary large object) storage integration enables faster, trimmer, better performing SharePoint access while automating data tiering to reduce both primary storage costs and the backup window.

Integrated Simpana SRMt provides data reporting and analysis to help organizations understand their SharePoint data and implement storage policies to optimize performance.

Simpana software is available with a capacity-based licensing model and is available direct from CommVault and through official partner and distribution channels.

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