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Addonics Debuts CipherUSB Family of Hardware Encryption Solutions

From $30 to $90

This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.03
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Addonics Technologies, Inc. announced a family  of USB hardware encryption solutions that protect sensitive data stored on HDDs, removable drives, flash media, optical media or in the cloud with bullet proof security.


The CipherUSB products use a FIPS certified AES 256-bit hardware crypto engine. Unlike software encryption products whose performance relies on the system processor power, the products ensure performance in a range of hardware. Because these solutions do not store passwords on the computer or in the system's volatile memory, there is much better security than with software encryption.

The CipherUSB family consists of FLE (file level encryption) and FDE (full disk encryption) versions. Both offer a choice of ECB or CBC mode encryption, or a choice of standard authentication with no password entry or two-factor authentication, which requires a combination of password and the CipherUSB dongle. The CipherUSB FLE solution encrypts any file stored on any drive, media, network or cloud storage whereas the FDE solution encrypts the entire USB storage attached to the CipherUSB dongle.

Among the CipherUSB features is the option to write protect the boot sector or the entire disk on the USB storage attached to the CipherUSB. This solution is for protecting any USB storage against viruses or malware attacks. It is also for forensics applications.

The CipherUSB FLE is available in two flavors - the F1 and F2 series supports attaching external USB storage and the F3 and F4 series comes embedded with 4GB high speed flash memory. Every CipherUSB FLE comes with a virtual CD ROM that contains the CipherUSB utility so users can encrypt or decrypt any file under Windows or MAC OS. Once the file is encrypted, it can be securely emailed to anyone or transferred to any public cloud storage as a secured file. Only users with the correct CipherUSB FLE dongle will be able to access the encrypted files.

The CipherUSB FDE is a small USB pass through dongle that encrypts data stored inside any USB drive (thumb drive, USB HDD or any flash card inserted into a USB reader). There is no software or driver to install. There is no measurable performance difference on the USB drive and all software works the same as before. CipherUSB FDE is also OS independent.

The MSRP ranges from $29.95 for the CipherUSB FDE ECB encryption to $89.95 for the CipherUSB FLE CBC encryption for Windows and Mac.


Addonics CipherUSB Pass-Through Adapter ($30)

Provides encryption for flash, USB or optical drives

This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.04.03
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Addonics Technologies, Inc. announced the CipherUSB, a USB pass-through adapter that provides a way to encrypt data stored on flash drives, flash media, USB hard drives as well as Blu-ray, DVD or CD media.


It is the size of a typical flash drive. Just plug the USB drive, flash drive or optical drive to the device end of the CipherUSB, and then plug the CipherUSB into your computer's USB port. The drive will appear on your computer and is ready for use like an ordinary USB drive. There is no password to remember or software or drivers to install. Data written to the USB drive or burnt onto Blu-ray, DVD or CD media is automatically encrypted on the fly with AES 256-bit hardware encryption. You can mix encrypted/unencrypted burning sessions onto the same optical media. The encrypted drive is accessible on any computer with a USB port as long you have the matching CipherUSB.

The CipherUSB encrypts everything stored on a standard USB drive or flash media, including the MBR and partition tables. Access to the encrypted data is not possible without using the CipherUSB with the matching cipher code. An encrypted hard drive or flash drive attached directly to a USB port will appear as a blank drive and the encrypted session in a Blu-ray, DVD or CD disc will become invisible.

Designed with a NIST certified crypto engine from Enova Technology Corp., the CipherUSB leaves no trace of any cipher code in RAM or any part of the computer. Since no password is entered into the computer, it is hacker-proof. Each CipherUSB adapter comes with a software utility for programming personal key codes up to 32 characters long. This code is then secured with AES 256-bit encryption and stored inside the CipherUSB adapter.

The CipherUSB has an MSRP of $29.95 and is shipping.

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